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There has been a lot of Monster Hunter talk lately and I thought I would reach out to the people who may be interested, but see it all as a bit impenetrable. To be fair, it can be a lot to take in all at once. So before we ge...   read
[Gallery] Swipe or use arrow keys
[Despite killing time sometimes literally being a big theme in Persona 4, TurboJasper proves to us that it is far more important in the grand scheme of things then you'd normally think it would be. ~Strider] It's a rainy Friday night. The bus to my part-time job isn't coming and I am soaking myself to the bone waiting. I decide to treat my self to a meal at Aiya and call it a night.   read
[Gallery] Swipe or use arrow keys

About TurboJasperone of us since 8:03 AM on 07.09.2007

I play games and am currently looking to create a Monster Hunter based cooking show.
I have no real console alliance, except for the one that has the game I desperately want to play this moment.
I enjoy cooking. And am broke. It requires some ...interesting work arounds.

Games I am playing
Monster Hunter Rise
Shovel Knight
Dishonoured series
Hitman series
Persona 3P

I kickstarted the OUYA

Final Fantasy 6/7/8/9
You Don't Know Jack
Super Mario World
Monster Hunter
Bubble Bobble
Persona 3/4

I have been a lurker of Destructoid for 14 YEARS!?
...woah. I followed a link from Brian Crecente's hair palace to read about a guy in a robot mask get into E3 and now I come to this site every day to get my gaming fill. I have decided to put as much effort into enriching the community that it has done so for me.

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