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[Promoted from our community blogs, a hardcore fan looks back at the last 90 days] Holy Macaroni, these Arms Global Testpunches have been fun, haven't they? Well with that little blast of hype-steam out of my system, lets tak...   read


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Hello all! I'm Joe, from Maryland! I released five days before Enix launched Dragon Quest 3! I started playing games around the time I was 3, with some very early memories of myself playing Duck Hunt in my Dad's office and Golden Axe in an arcade at what might have been an airport (It was a weird memory). I'm mostly harmless so if you wanna talk to me, send me a message. I'll be around, making horrible puns though not quite as horrible as Gus' is able to do. I'll lurk on the Discord too and if you want to be my friend there, than come at me!

Discord: Shoggoth88#1113

Ryzen 5 1600
6 core 3.2GHz
Radeon RX 570
24GB Ram
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