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Destructoid review: Penny Arcade Adventures Episode One

I'd like to start by explaining my opinion of Penny Arcade as a comic strip, because your enjoyment of On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness will be, either partly or in whole, dependent on whether or not you buy into Jerry Holkins and M...


Penny Arcade Adventures hits XBLA next week!

We've been talking about Penny Arcade's upcoming game On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness since way back last year, long enough ago that I had actually forgotten about it a little. After all, six months in real-life time is 500 years in...


Penny Arcade announce PAX 10, an indie games showcase

Last year, the Destructoid team felt like PAX offered everything we could possibly want when it came to having fun at an event from screenings of classic (if slightly painful) gaming films to the opportunity to hurl threats at a live Uwe Bo...


PAX 2008 tickets on sale now

Tickets for the Penny Arcade Expo have just gone on sale. This year's show takes place from August 29th to August 31st and three-day pass tickets are going for $40 right now for the early birds.Last year's PAX was epic. It was one of the be...


Child's Play beats their $1 million goal

The videogame chairty Child's Play had a really good year. It seemed like gamers and game makers did their best to get behind the cause, and that has paid off. The Child's Play Web page reports that they were able to beat their go...


Child's Play Charity Dinner pulls in over $225,000

If you didn't know already, Child's Play is a charity organized by the fine gents behind web comic Penny Arcade back in 2003. Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins created it help the kids of the Seattle Children's Hospital, but it also served to...


Child's Play charity drive officially open

One of the coolest charities around (and the world's largest game charity) has just kicked off for 2007. If you didn't know already, Child's Play is a charity organized by the fine gents behind web comic Penny Arcade back in 2003. Mike Krah...


MSNBC covers video game band The OneUps

MSNBC has been all about the game music lately, haven't they? Today they posted a feature on the video game cover band The OneUps, covering their recent performance at the 2007 Penny Arcade Expo.The feature talks about the seven-piece cover...


PAX 2007: New On The Rain-Slick Precipice Of Darkness trailer

The above is the brand new trailer for the upcoming game based on the webcomic that spawned the event I'm currently at. That last sentence should illustrate just how huge Gabe and Tycho have become, as last I checked only three people att...


Pre-PAX Primer: Destructoid interviews The NESkimos

We continue our series of interviews with the biggest and best game music cover bands slated to rock this year's Penny Arcade Expo concert with The NESkimos, a metal Nintendo cover band. Guitarist Dr. Wily took the time to tell us about the...


Pre-PAX Primer: Destructoid interviews The Minibosses

In two weeks, thousands of gamers from all over the United States (and even beyond) will converge on Seattle, Washington to attend the 2007 Penny Arcade Expo, a three-day gaming festival packed with exhibitor booths, tournaments, panels, fr...


A Penny Arcade comic worth posting about

I'll come clean and admit it: I don't usually like Penny Arcade comics. I think their art style is cool, but many times the humor just isn't there for me. However, there are some real gems that come and pass by my eyes from time...


A parent's side of the story, courtesy of Penny Arcade

Flash backwards to February 19th. You were sitting at home, probably crying, and the rest of the world was going along on its merry way. Gabe, one of the dynamic duo behind Penny Arcade was writing a news post about a recent CNN story in ...


Child's Play, where gamers give back

What's Child's Play you say? For the ignorant, yes I'm looking at you, Child's Play is a charity run by those two crazy guys over at the webcomic Penny Arcade. Child's Play is dedicated to improving the lives of childre...


Bunnies invade Penny Arcade

At the request of Ubisoft, Penny Arcade writer Gabe and artist Joe Pekar have come up with their very own comic book take on the "Bunnies can't..." advertising campaign for Rayman Raving Rabbids. Created for the Ubisoft Web s...


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