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THE KING OF KONG + Scott Campbell = Epic Win


So if you turn the cover on the dvd around on the King of Kong you get this GREAT piece from
Scott Campbell who also worked on designs for the game Psyconauts and Brutal Legend for
Double Fine Studios. He does a great comic strip over at www.doublefine.com and he has his
own Blog over at
http://scott-c.blogspot.com/ you should check it out if you are a fan of the awesome!! I
myself I have bought some prints of his work and they just keep getting better:)Any way
thought this was really cool and I am a fan of his work!! Also King of Kong is really just great
buit man oh man that Billy is such a gigantic DOUCHE!! I mean good lord!!! Oh well any way
you should check the movie out if you haven't already and deffinatly go check out Scott's blog
site as it has a lot of his art work that is usually featured at Gallery1988 in LA and SF. Oh
almost forgot according to Scott's blog Gallery1988 will be selling prints of this piece sometime
this month (Feb) as well as have a signing!!
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