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The Trials of Post-Graduation Gaming

Do you remember the feeling of playing a new game and getting absolutely hooked to your latest gaming discovery? I've struggled to experience that blissful feeling for a while this year. Don't get me wrong; there are plenty of quality ...


Working 60 hours with two jobs, haven't had a day off or posted anything in two months. I quit my engineering job after five months for a higher paying job doing wood working (drafting), trying to conquer the mountain of bills. Pray to your God for me.


Gonna marry a rich woman so I can use her coffee machine


This says a lot about our society


Hope you had an awesome weekend and birthday Vadicta! And I hope it's a great year ahead for you and yours!


I got stealth Humble bundle for €10.I own some of the games already on other platforms so I give them away here in comments.Games are Hitman (2016)Game of the Year Edition and a 10% off Hitman 3 Humble Bundle coupon BUMPLY


Now this is the kind of content I'm looking for:


I will be following Hell Pie very closely. I need this game yesterday!


IGN Japan is doing a livestream with Suda51 to celebrate No More Heroes 3's launch!


Oh yeah! I also got my septum pierced this weekend at the ripe old age of 28! So far it's sore, but this was a relatively painless process. I'm slowly becoming the dude I wanted to be as a teen


Hamster friend! Designed by Fernando Chura Huanca. Look at this chubby little fella. I messed up the first attempt real bad, but this one turned out great.


Hear me out: Max Payne sequel with a female protagonist called Constance Payne.


I hope your birthday was fantastic, Vadicta. You’re a swell fella and someone I like and respect. If I could buy you a beer, I would. Even two.


Happy birthday to Vadicta. May your day be filled with sunshine and the death of your enemies.


Everyone, give me your energy! A hurricane's a-comin'


4 hour time limit? Heavy drinking? Not a problem apparently. Super proud of this drunk speed paint 😬


I pet-sat for this loaf of French bread a couple weeks ago. She's my precious terrible goblin child. (I don't know why it insists on uploading sideways - proper bread storage I guess) #Caturday


The reversible cover for the standard edition of No More Heroes 3 is pretty damn great.




Think Im gonna through a Björk and Aphex Twin


Hey guys, so to celebrate me writing Games That Time Forgot, Im asking people for suggestions for Details in the Bump

Spiders For Sale

Just like in your room there is an automaton in a gaoler’s uniform seated behind a table, busily writing inside a small You approach the bed at the far end to see if there is also someone who might be about to wake up from his afternoon nap…



Whispering Willow

I am now a cool next gen gamer with my ROG Zephyrus Guess Ill be passing on the Steam Deck This is light enough for a good carrying case and I have a cute grey/blue XB1 controller waiting to be


Graveyard Keeper is the kind of simulation game Ive been looking for, I just hope it lets me go full

Dangus Taargus

Im caught Thats Village off my backlog and what a ride it It felt like a return to the eccentricities of RE4, but toned done in all the right ways, with a healthy amount of editing (RE4 is too damn Excited to see where they go from here!


Back 4 Blood is 25 bucks at Walmart, which is a Happy zombie hunting!

Cygnus Rush 961

A merry Welsh Padoru for you all:


Were kicking off tonight early! Around 6:45PM, Ill be playing Hunt: Showdown with a friend! Its spooky, tense, and all about hunting cryptid-esque Come hang out!!


Skip around if youre this is pretty damn well


I really like Persona 1s battle theme, just wish I didnt need to hear This encounter rate is But Im still enjoying the game! About halfway through, its a solid

Spiders For Sale

The door opens! The room you are looking into is as dark as the other two you have entered so far and looks as empty as the one you woke up Like in the very same there is a bed at the far And like in the very same you hear the clicking of


I had forgotten a lot about Investigations 2 and after revisiting it Ive realized that T&T is the stronger game for having a better emotional core and doing more with But holy shit if it still isnt a masterwork of writing and


I had an endoscopy today and opted for no It a deeply unpleasant and yet hilarious Any nurse who can joke about an endoscopy mouth guard being a BDSM gag is okay in my


Birthday haul is… FOOD! Specifically, of fajita beef and 1lb of fajita chicken, curtesy of the moms <3 If you dont mind, thisll be me the rest of the


Christmas music has now started, and I will now experience an eternity of suffering condensed into 5

Spiders For Sale

You walk many more stairs than you had anticipated before you arrive at the next Here, again, you find a door on either You decide to first try to open the one on the left but find it to be You try the other


Recently got into the Elevator Action lets see what my options $300 for the cheapest Game Boy Color OR Game Boy Advance $30 for most of the Game Boy original *looks at emu handhelds and flash cart*


Idk how I ran into this, but it’s like the best mix of old school newgrounds and Adult swim


Sounds good to me

Spiders For Sale

The automaton turns to its right and walks back up the After a moment you slowly open the door and return to the You can guess the content of the books that had just been added to the shelves and decide it would be best to go downstairs


Developers! When you have the option to name the player character please still have a default name or a name generator or I hate it to go through a game thinking: I sure hope I dont meet an important character with the same name as



Inquisitive Raven

Me, now that I have the flu shot in my left arm and the booster shot in my right:


Returnal dlc tease? I sure hope so!


Battle damaged Necron, Im working Havent showed off my space skellies in awhile, so Excited to finish him, and do the next piece in my current




We knew the time was coming since February when he was diagnosed with cancer, but it didnt make dealing with it any Monday, we had to put Connor to He was such a great pup with a massive Forever our pup <3


Where is indigit and Anyone know what happened to him?

Spiders For Sale

Still hiding behind the door, you keep quietly Despite the other two automatons seemingly not even acknowledging you you maintain to be wary and prefer not to take any After a short while it reappears on the landing, now without

Jetter Mars

Its that magical time of year where I push myself to my Working everyday for a month straight while keeping up with my gym It takes serious focus but the payoff is worth it and Im ready for the challenge!

Chris Moyse

Hey folks, Hope youre enjoying the holiday weekends, whether hanging out with loved ones or just getting some much-needed R n Enjoy today and the rest of the weekend, we all deserve it fer Have a good one, folks!


Hmmm, what to stream tomorrow


3 hours in and Astral Chain is peak anything goes game The only rule seems to have been is it fun and/or And you know what? I am totally here for It also looks incredible and has great music to Pic


I started up Rise of the Tomb Raider and Im still impressed by the small flourishes they do to the Uncharted formula to make it Theyre ripping off U2&U3 left and right to boot, but I dont mind even though the animation work is a bit

Chris Moyse

Happy belated birthday to our own amazing Hope that you had a good weekend last week, have a good weekend this week, and, most of all, that the year ahead is an awesome one for Thanks for all you do for us and the community :)


Late to the party but I still want to be included


Trouble -Event- (2021): General dramatic Im in danger! music :p I didnt do much of anything I started intermittent fasting Maybe this time I wont get the shingles :p


Neo TWETY for €35 Switch Would you say its worth it for someone whos tolerance for shonen has drastically decreased over the past 20 I am intrigued by its style and remember enjoying the first one enough on the Pic


Checks out


In the off chance that anybody is interested in emu handhelds, both Powkiddys website and Aliexpress have Black Friday sales Not sure about Anbernic Not huge discounts, but they cant

Whispering Willow

Had my birthday Sunday, but got together with family Sister somehow had my missing copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy and Im happy to have it Sadly, no leftovers to take


Apologies for the double post, but also need to say: King Richard? We watched it today, and Absolutely incredible Great performances all Would love to see a follow-up that goes deeper into their careers