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The first season of Strange New Worlds is on YouTube for anyone in US to watch. I think it is a great show and the closest thing we've gotten to the Trek ethos in the new era. Link in the comments.


You ever associate a game with a completely unrelated piece of music? That's me with Monster Hunter and this piece I played in middle school band. French Horns represent!


I just flew an airplane for the first time. AMA


More FFX thots as we (very) slowly make our way and now that my brain is more Adult and Medicated: this is REALLY good, fast turn-based combat; sphere grid is neat; getting used to the art style; S-tier music; engaging story. And we have the OG GUIDE!!!!!


Fuck it, I'm gonna let myself double-post.


Last night's Wrecking Ball status. I can always count on Springsteen to bring a little hometown nostalgia to wherever I am in the world. Phenomenal show as always.


Mirama Dev Blog #5

Hello, each and all! It's time for another scheduled update on the progress of Mirama, the bullet-dodging adventure game I've been developing with a few friends! Well, it was time. It appears I've missed my regularly scheduled dev blog...


Death Dealers, the first part of my Necromancer A.F. series, is free in ebook format on Amazon until midnight, Saturday. Treat yourself, a friend, your dog, whatever! Enjoy! (Link in comments)


I attended a family gathering tonight. Two of my nephews, both now grown, told me that my influence helped them to discover all kinds of games and books and fun stuff. I had no idea. I didn’t think they listened. It’s…a nice feeling.


Huge birthday shoutout to mah boy, Taterchimp. I hope its an amazing day, you beautiful soul.


Okay Dtoid. Scuttled Seas, Book 6 of what was the Alex Fossor, Necromancer series, but is now known simply as Necromancer A.F., has been launched. Links in the comments!


Before I lose y'all to Zelda, figured I'd share a quick gif of things I've been working on recently to smooth out the chapter 1 demo. I know it's a month late, but I'll try my best to write a new dev blog update this weekend! bump!


They told me to go hard, or go home. I told them I was an orphan with erectile disfunction.


Achievement & Trophy unlocked: I have leveled up to 29 years old. Turning the WiiU on today and watching that birthday animation was cute.


Hey you - yeah, YOU. You've got this. You can do the hard things, make the hard choices, be true to yourself. Life is short, don't dampen a part of you for society or another person. I believe in you. #Dtoidivations




Great, some knucklehead hit a power pole and knocked out the Luckily I have a few external battery chargers and my Now the wait Time should go by quicker with TotK to keep me Also, Im a Apparently a


Spider-Verse is worth watching just for the animation masterclass it puts The fact that it excels in a bunch of other aspects like music, set pieces, is more cherries on Cant wait for the next

Anthony Marzano

Finally mounted the canvas on some stretchers and now Ive got a whole Nixon


Alright another sf movie came in! Im about to watch the street fighter live action movie before sf6 unlocks at 9pm Lets


Man I am so sick this Luckily today I went to the doctor and he prescribed me a bunch of Now Im going to go home and see if I have the energy to make something like rice with Anyway have a


Idk man this seems like a pretty strong argument for putting difficulty options in Dark Sou-- *gunshot*


Finished Mothmen Its a fantastic little story which goes to some crazy, suitably pulpy Basically a VN, but its got some clunky puzzles and gameplay in there Reminds me of old adventure games a Its short (100mins) but


Even though itll never happen, Id love to see Duke Nukem revived in keeping with Giannis memery of the Duke can still be hedonistic whilst being an ally, right? Nothing more manly than two men in a burly embrace, right?


Nothing like being told that check you earned for hosting a club all year aint coming at Want to cry right

Inquisitive Raven

Saw Mind blown! World brightened! Artsy


I caved, Diablo IV will be played by yours truly at 7PM I may stream it (check my profile), but regardless, Im going to be a Druid and soak in my enemies Lowkey more excited than I thought I would be, and if youre playing: Mamekuma#1683


The newest game Burnhouse Lane by the dev that made The Cat Lady is in a fanatical bundle now for relatively played a good bit of it on Steam Deck and it was quiet good,really well done only stopped because I got a rare in comm


Monte dans le putain de robot


The first season of Strange New Worlds is on YouTube for anyone in US to I think it is a great show and the closest thing weve gotten to the Trek ethos in the new Link in the


I did it! Finally dealt with one of my long time white whales of gaming - Darkest Dungeon is wrapped up, on the standard darkest Mid game was a little bit of a slog, but really enjoyed the final areas, even if they were pretty


You know I would be really down for a Bullestorm With how well Doom 2016,and Eternal did I imagine that should make it easier to pitch a sequel or a new FPS IP single player


Also the new game by the devs that made Hypnospace Outlaw is out Its set in the same world as Hypnodpace, it takes a character mentioned in that game and has that character making a gamr that your playing that is a retro boomer shooter looking


Killer Frequency is out now,seems like it could be a fun Basicaly a horror puzzle game where you run a radiostation and get callers guiding you about solving how to help them while a killer is trying to kill

Anonymous 20

So, according to my Switch, Ive played TotK for 110 hours or I know Ive logged heavy hours since launch, thanks to being home from minor surgery, but Thats approaching my time with BotW, DLC included! And I still have 1 temple left


J E T B O O T Very odd to see a modern game have a flappy bird like short minigame in it


Happy Pride to my fellow freaks! Stay safe, Like, Were due for something (else) pretty terrible to happen at one of these events, given the current political So very much looking forward to


Happy June Dtoid! How is everyone doing? Whats the haps???


Just thinking about the good ole days, and how I used to see this car all the Glad I can at least find a picture to prove that I’m not F


Zombie Despite our governor, Des Moines always feels accepting and progressive to me and Im happy to call it


Shin Kamen Rider was a pretty dang fun time at the


Gianni Matragrano’s “Pride Month” short continues to be the


I totally forgot the best Katamari game was getting a remaster with added And its out tomorrow!

Sweaty Dungus

New Schreier piece sheds some light on the disaster that was Redfall…but what if there were a way to find nuance and create excuses on behalf of management? In my upcoming 26-part YouTube documentary, we’ll be doing exactly Stay tuned!


Posting content warnings for the new horror game Decarnation in the comments for anyone whod want to be


Picked up Astilibra Revision now that it has a better English Looking forward to seeing what its


Current status


And that was street fighter 2 the animated movie That was a good The fight scenes were pretty grounded save for the special moves so they felt I cant wait for con artists ken and ryu tomorrow!


Have a great day!


Edit: nevermind a friend bought So have a

Punished Nietzsche

I wish SFIV can give us this amazingly cheesy song on the I kinda love it now, but at the


WH40k Darktide is not quite where I’d like it to be (would like an actual campaign, more classes, but goddamn if these updates haven’t been The new levels are great, and the MUSIC… ! Emperor protect me! Gunplay still best in the biz


Im getting ready for sf6! I never watched the street fighter 2 the animated movie so thisll be a fun Also Im gonna have so much fun cringing at the live action movie Its gonna be Oh and I got frogun and arc sys games too I


You ever associate a game with a completely unrelated piece of music? Thats me with Monster Hunter and this piece I played in middle school French Horns represent!


The first official orc of the year! Believe it or This is an asgard minis classic from 84 👍 Got an assload more (surprising I know) I gotta test paint for a future Expect something more modern next time though


Current Status:


I got eShop credit for my birthday a bit I sure would like to play those Etrian Odyssey games that are about to Too bad its eighty dollars!!


Humble bundle has a really sweet Metroidvania bundle with Hollow Knight,Rain World, Blasphemous,Bloodstained, Lost Ruins,Haiku the Robot,20% off coupon for Rainworlds cool DLC and 50% off Zapling Bygone indie I might get bundle and gift most


Currently on a noughties metal tangent and only just now am realizing how much the singer from Seether (at times; on this track in particular) sounds like Kurt I cant be the only one?


RIP to RARGB, maybe the best torrent site on the This is a pretty brutal loss for cultural preservation, the obviously much more serious issue of the war aside


Just bought a pass for PAX West this year and it was remarkably Last time I bought a pass several years ago it was a tense hour of waiting in line to maybe get a pass, and now I was done in about seven Anyone else thinking of going?


70 hours into TotK and I didnt realize you can kill you effin horse?! I havent felt that bad since SotC


Ok, color me Jackie Chan as Splinter is inspired And I dig the animation style, even if it feels a little too dark (color-wise)


I cant Is this my usage of the abilities or did is this everyones favorite?


#6 Movie of 2023 is: I only knew Michael Jordan was famous and appeared in Space Jam Also, I knew nothing about the whole Nike However the movie script, pacing, and performances can be enjoyed 4 and a half stars out of


The indie game Decarnation is out now, looks pretty cool, very suprising that visualy it was techinaly still made in RPG Maker but still looks very