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I've successfully unshackled the camera from the player during cutscenes. So much freedom! Now I just need to learn how to make cinematic pans while doing, uh, everything else


They finally decided to put a ring on it! Today is my first day as a full-time staff writer at Destructoid. You'll be seeing a lot more of me on the FP.


Man, inflation is causing game prices to skyrocket. Sonic is being hit the worst. Prices through the roof! Don't believe me? Fact check me. Google "sonic inflation" and you'll see what I mean.


The Emerald Warrior Ship -Boss- (2023): Working on an album called Hyperion II. The story is that after saving the galaxy in the first "game", Hyperion has become a wanted ship, and bounty hunters are after it to be claimed. It's going to be a boss rush.


Kerrik52's Game of the Year 2022 Countdown

This was one hell of an awesome year of gaming for me. Not only did I manage to nab a PS5 and get myself my own place with an ostentatious TV, the gaming industry decided to wake the fuck up and tempt me into buying enough games to aaa...


Sad news today: Annie Wersching, the actress who gave life to Tess in The Last of Us - Part I, passed away this morning as a result of cancer. She was 45. Rest in Peace, Annie.


This is an extremely detailed video essay breakdown of the problem with JK Rowling, her transphobia and how supporting her stuff only emboldens her to do more harm. There are also 240 anti-trans state bills in the US *this year.*


Whipped up some little controller diagrams for the Nintendo Switch version of Belle Boomerang!


Today is one of those days where I want so badly, to just give up. Nothing goes right. Fuckery at every turn. But no. I sadly can't. People count on me, and I'm grateful for that. Days like today, that extra push keeps me going. Much love and hugs to yall


Hey friends and fine folks, Here’s to wishing you a very happy, joyous, and fun weekend. Rest up, eat well, and put a bit of happiness into the weekends of all that you meet. Have a wicked one and stay cool, homeslice! <3


*bump4 60$ away* Upped the goal on the GoFundMe, as bills never change. Things are not going great, progress wise. Holidays, and govt agencies. Match made in hell. Anyways link in comments, and update on the page itself. Thanks for all your support.


For my 300th Qpost in my 5 years here, I’d like to use this opportunity to say: I am honored to be here among y’all. This place truly is a refuge in an often dreary & draining world. Cheers to you all, and a hearty Heston hug, Dtoid. Keep shining.


I'm barely an hour in and I'm already back on the bus ride home from school on a cold winters evening. It's dark out because the sun sets before I get done with band practice. The light of my SP is bright and I wonder if we're having pot roast again...


Hi guys. I know I haven't been around for a few weeks, but I'm doing ok. Still playing Fire Emblem Heroes, Pokemon Go and Descenders. I have a bit of news I desire to share with UK Dtoid dwellers, but the rest of you can still check in the comments..


I can't believe I'm up to five of these. But I am! Hope you guys are having a great 2023 so far!


Finally procured a bit of a grail in my waking world. The cover is just mesmerizing to me. It’s in pristine shape as well. I am so happy.


Just about wrapped up this commission. IG-upinsmokeproductions and catch on twitch.tv/therealhudlesshorseman


A Gris Journey Line

Weird name, I know. Two of these games are very similar in nature and in aesthetics, even. Enter Specs Ops The Line to shape things up for being the only AAA title among them and yet, still sharing a vital semantic virtue as the previo...


After 250 hours over 10 months, Elden Ring is done and a lot of good times were had doing it. Now to binge 50 lore videos so I can understand wtf was going on.


Found a fez at the Goodwill.




Trails from Zero might have the most grounded, quietly intelligent party I’ve seen in an I assume some bad shit is going to happen to them, but for now it’s relaxing just being in their company :D

Sweaty Dungus

Dead Space was ridiculously ahead of its The chunky limb cutting combat and fully in-world HUD stood out in 2008 and not many games have borrowed these elements since, making them still feel novel Huge props to original team at


Grabbed a game called Atone and after a couple hours Im really digging Its has story, puzzles, exploration, and rhythm mini games for Getting vibes of Super S&S, Hyper Light Drifter, and Jotun though it does do its own


Date night 2 was a success! Infinity Pool aight


Played and finished the Tomb Raider DLC for Powerwash Kinda felt like a step down from the base game, didnt quite have that same feeling of Think its just how it was designed for the most


Its time for another mini review of a tabletop roleplaying game that isnt published by a billion dollar corporation! Lets talk about Honey Heist, one of the silliest games Check it out in the #ttrpgquicklook


Alright so therapy is really I was going to keep going for BetterHelp but the price I thought was monthly is actually So thats Will hopefully find a affordable

Whispering Willow

Very excited for the upcoming wizard school game!

Inquisitive Raven

Its what I do!


Things seem like shit and then a beacon of light hits Les Claypool and his Frog Brigade are touring this summer, and when they stop by ATL, theyll be touring with Adrian fucking Holy shit I am excite


Okay, since one of yall disgusting freaks had the audacity to suggest that God of War (PS2) did QTEs well, I have the morbid curiosity to learn what games you think did QTEs the best! And if you say Jericho Im going to burn down your house with my

Chris Moyse

A strange hiccup is causing Qtoid images to break for some, not all, It only became apparent recently, so hopefully its temporary - but well let support Again Qposts isnt their jurisdiction, but will *try* (emphasis) and get a


For those interested, an Asia version of the new-old Fatal Frame, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse isnow available to preorder on Play-Asia at a much more acceptable ~60€/$ Id post a pic but Dtoid wont let So its in the


Current status


Have a great day!


PSA: following may the 9th,you wont be able to redeem the PlayStation plus collection games to your They will remain playable for active plus subscribers who previously added them to their Im in the EU, cant say for other


A Theatrhythm Final Bar Line demo came out for PS4 and I played it quite a bit, and I think its going to be a great Ultimate is quite challenging with new note patterns to wrap my head around, and lots of stuff to


I’ve been a Yankees fan for 40 years now and I’m eternally grateful for everything Derek Jeter did for the team but he retired 9 years I can think of a dozen more recent players deserving of being on this


Alright, I give Cyberpunk with full RTX just aint I can turn on everything except reflections, but as soon as I turn those on, all hell breaks


1 Achievement left in Dark Souls for the Its the bastard achievement of the game, but still, Im


Ive successfully unshackled the camera from the player during So much freedom! Now I just need to learn how to make cinematic pans while doing, uh, everything else


I decided to dip a bit into Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye content and uhhh, wow, it feels horrifically oppresive and I am kinda afraid to I think Ill wait until Ive beaten the base Good Good job on the vibe


So, Ive never been big on Star Wars prequel But due to boredom decided to watch Clone Wars (the 2D one) and damn, it was As it ends where Episode 3 begins thought Id give that another And its Like worse than I


Alright getting back into the swing of things Starting February off with this counts as bull slann Tried messing around with ak interactive puddle and it looks alright


Very nice, very This showed up Ordered this in November of 2021 just after he broke his leg because half of the purchase amount went directly to him, and ROH had recently shut Was scheduled to ship last right on


Went down a couple musical rabbit holes One, when I found a song by Bob Welch thanks to a Google search of lyrics and found he was a former Fleetwood Mac FMs (far more unknown) version of Sentimental Lady is so much better! (comments)


Well, thats Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti over and done a strange but cute little


TIL that this is the same actor who played Tuvok in Star Trek


I didnt But they made it fresh, and honored the Its so If it wasnt for a kind soul, Id never even have touched the new But now? Now, I STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP STOMP


Heres Dunkeys take on He raises some pretty good Made me reconsider the Maybe we were all too hard on it?


Expecting windchills of -40F (-40c) degrees


Well that sucks! Wouldve loved another single player campaign like Titanfall


Had parotid gland surgery this Now I have a huge tough guy scar down my Im going to tell people its from a knife


My fart will go on


Seeing people reply to the news that Redfall will require a constant internet connection to play single player with, So what? Thats every modern game! has made me lose hope in the They are too


I think Im finally starting to understand why its better in platformers to take a hit and give i-frames instead of draining health for the duration of the Except when applied to a 2D roguelike


Sifting through the depths of delisted content so I can spend $30 on already-overpriced Left 4 Dead DLC before it I would almost rather be price gouged on 2nd hand game carts at this point


Game is looking neat I just hope the main gameplay loop isnt really like a Far Cry open world loop because if so that sounds boring as fuck at least to me that genre/style of game has no appeal to


Never thought Id say this but RE4 remake preorder You can pry my unbreakable OG RE4 knife and its knife only runs from my cold dead hands,


So after years developing slipspace engine for this whole new platform of delivering Halo content going forward, 343 decides switch to Unreal Engine lol


#13 Game beaten in 2023 is: Wild Demons Souls is going to take months to beat so Ill be playing other games as well, shorter Wild 9 is an For years I was looking for this and it was worth What Earthworm Jim 3 should have

Zoey Handley

They finally decided to put a ring on it! Today is my first day as a full-time staff writer at Youll be seeing a lot more of me on the


Wait, so you CANT take me to Lordran? This is some bullshit, I got my axe/crossbow build ready and What a


Not a multilayer or battle royale guy but this is a bummer to The game looked like a more playful and fun take on a battle royale game and I was curious to check it out in a few


Theres 10 hours left to get the Wadjet Eye Humble Bundle which includes their entire catalog for only $10!!! These are some of the very best point and click adventures out Dont miss out!


Its absolutely amazing how despite Xbox getting a major win with Hi-Fi Rush, they have managed to absolutely chip away and potentially destroy that goodwill