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Well hey there you sexy beasty! Zombielifecoach here. Just a short narrative to let you know about my most favoritist thing... ME! It all began with a boy, a dream, an ATARI2600 and a game called 'Hero'. Since then, my love affair with video games has only blossomed into an all consuming way of life. I enjoy ALL types of games on each of the 'big three' consoles. I am definitely more fond of my PS3 than the other two systems(YEAH I SAID IT!). My 360 is reserved for shooters and exclusives(titles and DLC). My Wii...well it doesn't get much use. But, I do love and care for it! If my consoles were kids my PS3 would be my favorite. I don't ever game online, nor I have begun to venture into the world of PC gaming do to lack of capital. I hardly think my little netbook could handle Crysis, but maybe one day I'll take that step. My true love however is RPGs! *swoon* I likes'em Western-style mostly. Due to a pretty hardcore stint into AD&D during my high school years. But, I will not turn my nose up at a game filled with effeminate man-boy heroes with ginormous swords and a boat-load of angst. Other than that I'm a pretty proto-typical, red-blooded, American, manly-man. Single(hey ladies), now retired Marine Corps veteran, who works and pays taxes, and enjoys the finer things in life. Like hot, unbridled ass play and circus midgets. Currently I am working my way through the newest releases of 2010. Other than that, thanks for reading this, and my best to you and yours...