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What is reality?

The start of it all
It happens that on occasion I like to think about the origins of the universe, of reality. I recently saw a truly remarkable BBC presentation entitled What is Reality? and it inspired me to write about my own thoughts on the matter. The video is almost an hour long, but I highly recommend it if you're into philosophy and physics. Much of it was stuff I had already heard about, but there was one new idea that I thought was interesting; something about the universe being a hologram with all its data stored in a two dimensional plane, but that's not exactly what this blog is about.

By reading many books and watching many presentations and films, I've borrowed bits from each medium to propose that The Matrix actually makes a lot of sense. That is, what if we're all just part of a complex computer program? Does that sound silly to you? Perhaps, but open your mind for a few minutes while you read this and I think you'll see it actually isn't too difficult to believe.

The Matrix may not have been too far off the mark

It's been a pleasure
It's fun to wonder about the origins of the universe. I think the idea of multiple creators, perhaps not wholly unlike ourselves, is at the very least, an interesting and entertaining thing to consider. What about you? :o)
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