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Rhythm Destruction on Steam Greenlight

Hey all, a friend of mine has been working on this game in his spare time for several years now. Finally, the game is nearing release and I'm hoping to get some DToid members to help spread the word! The game is equal parts bullet hell shmup and rhythm as you tap specific buttons in beat with the music to destroy enemies. Music for the game is being provided by Kyle Ward who also did music for In The Groove.

So far he's had really positive feedback from testers and even got a shout out from Twisted Pixel on twitter!

Here are some screen caps:

And the launch trailer

Review copies of the games are being sent out very shortly to several websites, but it's still incredibly tough to gain traction as a new indie developer. Check the game out and if you like what you see, anything you can do to help support the game and get the word out is definitely appreciated!

The game is up on Steam Greenlight

And there's also a kickstarter they've recently launched.
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