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5 Of The Most Annoying Dicks In Gaming

Video games have given us some of the most memorable and influential characters in entertainment: Mario, Link, Pac-Man, and Gordon Freeman to name a few. These characters have become household names as synonymous with everyday life as Joh...


Review: Blacklight: Tango Down

Five years ago when the Xbox 360 first launched, Xbox Live Arcade, while a neat idea, seemed destined to just be a platform for old Arcade and Atari ports. Who would have thought that in only a couple of years, Microsoft's "Arcade" would ...


Twilight Saga Impressions (NVGR)

God is dead. Watch this. I'm not going to relay the plot of the Twilight Saga to you, partly because I don't care, and partly because it's a plot that can be easily summed up as, "Horny teenage girl has a monster fetish." I'm sure there i...


Video Games are for a Woman's Gentiles

What's this shit about video games being for the hardcore? Video games are for geeks and losers who like to jack-off at pictures of fourteen years olds on 4chan. I work out at the gym everyday for six hours, try finding a fatty gamer who ...


Pixel Perfect Reviews: Red Dead Redemption

You would think that Wild West would be as prevalent a setting for video games as World War II: Lone men riding through the desert, struggling against the pitfalls of nature, wooing women, and of course, saving the day from dirty outlaws...


Adventures in Gamecrush

What happens when you and four friends get wasted and have sugar pumped directly into your blood stream; and have a webcam with a computer capable of playing top tier games? You go onto Gamecrush.com for some cheap laughs of course. I li...


Nintendo Invents Freddy Vision 2.0

So… the 3DS... God I hope that name isn’t final. Nintendo is one “O” away from that other console. I’ve got to say, on the list of theories as to what the successor to the DS was going to bring to the table, 3D wasn’t in my top 5, or 1...


Hey, Dtoid, It's your birthday b****!

Happy fourth birthday Destructoid. Has it really been four years? It seems like only yesterday that I started blogging here, trying to improve upon my writing so that I can one day write the great american novel. The novel hasn't gone an...


Mewtwo, Shut Your Whore Mouths

Upon reading the recent flood of Pokemon profiles, I am shocked that you have all forgotten who the greatest Pokemon of all time is: Mewtwo. Mewtwo was conceived and developed by Ken Sugimori for the first generation of Pocket Monsters...



Guilmon (ギルモン) is a virus-type Digimon, though his attitude most of the time could lead to thinking that he was a data or even a vaccine-type. His body is adorned with various signs of the net-hazard symbol, as...


Man Throws Back Grenade, Wins at Life

If you play a lot of first person shooters like me, then chances are that you've thrown back a lot of grenades. I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is nothing more satisfying then killing a guy with his own grenade, except ...


Thoughts On Last Night's Oscars

So I got 9 out of 17 correct, not the best night I’ve ever had, good thing I’m not a betting man. I was very happy to see Up walk away with best animated film and best original score, but I thought it was complete bullshit when A Matter o...


Destructoid=U STFU-toid

I had a dream last night, a beautiful dream, where Destructoid had completely changed. The community blogs had no twelve year old fanboy trolling assholes, reviews were debated in a civil manner, and all the ignorant internet bitches had ...


Why the Me Is Not a Real Gamer Console Player

This was a response I never have yet posted to a certain member, who posted in response to a certain member, who posted in response to a certain member, who posted in response to a certain member, who posted in response to a certain membe...


Academy Award Predictions and Preferences

The 82nd annual Academy Awards are just around the corner, you know what that means – Wild Speculation! Here is the list of nominees along with my own personal choices for whom I want to win and who is probably going to win. And the n...


Masks: By Jack Ninivaggi (AKA Wandering Pixel)

The first thing I notice is the smell… Even at three thousand miles underneath the Atlantic Ocean, the familiar smell of the shore finds its way here. I remember the sound of waves crashing against the shore and the feel of the hot san...


Everyone, Please Stop this Meme

The "My review of [insert name here] of [insert name here] of The Saboteur" phenomenon that is sweeping Destructoid has been very funny, but now it needs to stop. I know, I did it too, but it's time to move on. Please. And if anyone wri...


About wanderingpixelone of us since 4:29 PM on 02.08.2009

I am also a contributer on Damnlag dot com. You can read my column, Broken Pixels and check out all the other great stuff we've got going on there. Just remember to wear pants.

Anyway, about me...

My name is Jack Ninivaggi AKA Wandering Pixel, and I'm here to rock your world! Or at least cause some sort of tremor.

I live over on the east coast in New Jersey. My favorite types of games are those that have great writing. I'm going to college right now and plan on majoring in either communications or literature. When I'm not playing games I'm either reading a book or comic, watching a movie or sleeping. I'm a huge fan of animation and my favorite thing to do is watch old animated films, I'm also a theater geek, and frequently make trips to New York to watch the latest musicals and plays on Broadway. one day I plan on making a living by writing, though I haven't yet decided what kind of writing I want to do. Anyway, this is my blog. Enjoy!

You can contact me at [email protected]

I also have a Facebook you can check out here.

This is my interview, which was conducted by the oh so sexy LawofThermalDynamics.

My Idols:
Stanley Kubrick
Alan Moore
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Philip K. Dick
Steven Spielberg
Hiro Miyazaki
Brad Bird

Here are some lists of my favorite things in no particular order.

1.) Half-Life 2
2.) Bioshock
3.) Spyro the Dragon
4.) Sonic CD
5.) Shadow of the Colossus

1.) Blade Runner
2.) Ratatouille
3.) The Third Man
4.) Spirited Away
5.) Up

TV Shows:
1.) Lost
2.) Big Love
3.) Futurama
4.) Avatar: The Last Airbender
5.) Invader Zim

1.) Neon Genesis Evangelion
2.) Cowboy Bebop
3.) Akira
4.) Anything by Miyazaki
5.) Or anything with cool robots

1.) John Lennon
2.) Bob Dylan
3.) John Hiatt
4.) Idina Menzel
5.) Utada Hikari

1.) Harry Potter
2.) His Dark Materials
3.) The Great Gatsby
4.) Biographies
5.) World War Z

Graphic Novels
1.) Watchmen
2.) The Killing Joke
3.) The Long Halloween
4.) Ghost World
5.) From Hell

1.) Runaways
2.) Batman
3.) Hell Boy
4.) The Umbrella Academy
5.) X-Men

1.) Rent
2.) Wicked
3.) Little Shop of Horrors
4.) Avenue Q
5.) Sweeney Todd

1.) Speed the Plow
2.) Hamlet
3.) A Streetcar Named Desire
4.) Our Town
5.) Macbeth

1.) The New Yorker
2.) EGM
3.) Entertainment Weekly
4.) Game Informer
5.) The New York Times

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