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One of the Few Issues I Had With the Watchmen Movie


Zack Snyder's Snow Night Owl.


Dave Gibbons' Snow Night Owl.

See how snug and adorable he looks in his gigantic snow suit? It's one of the most ridiculously unintentionally cute super hero costumes ever. I was completely let down by the movie's version of it.

What I just said is totally not gay. Anyone who disagrees is just an asshole...

In other news, Kevin Smith was on the /filmcast discussing the Watchmen movie. It was a pretty good show complete with Smith's potty mouthed, self aware self.

As much as Kevin Smith has annoyed me throughout his directing career, I kind of agree with his opinion. Zack Snyder got as close to the book than anyone will ever get in that medium. Sure you can nitpick the crap out of it, and sure you can complain that your favorite scene in the book wasn't included or even that the music was out of place (which it was mostly), but this is the best fan service you'll ever get.

And if you didn't see this, Patton Oswald tells all the Watchmen movie haters to "GTFO".

P.S. - aborto thefetus smells bad.
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