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Comic Review: Frank Miller's Robocop


Frank Miller - Steven Grant - Juan Jose Ryp
Avatar Press

The original Robocop was fantastic. It was funny, violent, and it had some things to say about society (though not intelligently). The movie bordered on a thin line of acceptable ridiculousness, and was rather enjoyable cyberpunk flick. Robocop 2 and 3 on the other hand, were awful pieces of shit.

Everyone seems to place the blame on poor old Frank Miller for the dreadful sequels, but he says otherwise. According to him, Hollywood took his screenplay and made drastic changes. Producers of the film claimed that most Miller�s vision was �unfilmable�. Nevertheless, it left a bad taste in his mouth. Miller wasn�t too happy with the way Hollywood worked.

From 2003 to 2006 Avatar Press published nine issues of Frank Miller�s Robocop, now deemed to be the real Robocop sequels by nerds across the globe. The book follows Miller�s original Robocop 2 script, and bit off of Robocop 3 as well. He didn�t write it though. The adaptation was written by Steven Grant, but was looked over by Frank Miller.

With all that said, I don�t know if what Miller had written in his original script was worth all of the drama. The outlining story is practically the same. Detroit is still shitty, OCP still replaces the cops with a private military of criminals, and there is still a �Robocop 2� that Robocop has to battle.

I won�t tell you what differences there are between the movie and comic specifically. What I will say is that they make very little difference towards the end quality. Lewis still has no character, as well as everyone else in the book. Nothing is explored -- a generic and tired formula that begs to be ignored.

Grant does inject a bit of that satire found in the original film, and while it isn�t as good, he still manages to land a few on the bullseye. What is landing one hundred percent is the violence. Some of you could have fun with watching a woman�s burning, melting corpse slam against a wall.

The art was a tad difficult for me to review. While I can�t say it�s necessarily bad, it sure is �busy� (for lack of a better term). Too busy. Many times I�ve had to take a while to figure out what I was looking at. The detail work was somewhat impressive. In a way, it sort of channels that sense of chaos that comes from this universe�s version of Detroit. You can take it either way.

I can�t recommend this to everyone. I can�t even recommend it to most Robocop fans. You gain nothing from reading it. If you�re looking for something violent, or just want to rinse out some of what you saw in Robocop 2 and 3, then this could be for you. Everyone else should just�

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