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Is blood thicker than Red Potion?

My ruminations on why my Internet Gaming Community Family is unequivocally better than my real life relatives. It all starts with Olivia Wilde... She's nude. She is also laying on the back of a purple-furred donkey with a golden Unicorn ...


A man. A first step. A blog.

Salutations and warmest greetings. I'm Zombielifecoach, or more simply, ZLC. For some time now I have been lurking about in the C-Blogs. Like a Megan's Law offender with a pocket full of hard candies, today is the day I make my move and ...


About zombielifecoachone of us since 3:50 PM on 08.07.2009

Well hey there you sexy beasty! Zombielifecoach here. Just a short narrative to let you know about my most favoritist thing... ME! It all began with a boy, a dream, an ATARI2600 and a game called 'Hero'. Since then, my love affair with video games has only blossomed into an all consuming way of life. I enjoy ALL types of games on each of the 'big three' consoles. I am definitely more fond of my PS3 than the other two systems(YEAH I SAID IT!). My 360 is reserved for shooters and exclusives(titles and DLC). My Wii...well it doesn't get much use. But, I do love and care for it! If my consoles were kids my PS3 would be my favorite. I don't ever game online, nor I have begun to venture into the world of PC gaming do to lack of capital. I hardly think my little netbook could handle Crysis, but maybe one day I'll take that step. My true love however is RPGs! *swoon* I likes'em Western-style mostly. Due to a pretty hardcore stint into AD&D during my high school years. But, I will not turn my nose up at a game filled with effeminate man-boy heroes with ginormous swords and a boat-load of angst. Other than that I'm a pretty proto-typical, red-blooded, American, manly-man. Single(hey ladies), now retired Marine Corps veteran, who works and pays taxes, and enjoys the finer things in life. Like hot, unbridled ass play and circus midgets. Currently I am working my way through the newest releases of 2010. Other than that, thanks for reading this, and my best to you and yours...