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My trip to Tokyo:Day 1

After many years of waiting, I finally have the opportunity to visit Tokyo, Japan. This is actually my second day in Tokyo or Toukyou how it's really pronounced. Today I visited Akihabara and visited many arcade,manga and video games s...


A few gaming predictions

Now that we�re in April, E3 is only a couple of months away. This is the year of Wii U and in just a couple of months we�ll have a full understanding of what the new Nintendo system offers. Whether or not we�ll hear from Sony about their...


The top three annoying enemies of all time

Warning this blog have some offensive language, viewer discretion is advised After reading �Nobody dies on the first Goomba� by Sephiroth X I was inspired to share my feelings on what I think is the top three annoying enemies of videogam...


Do videogame sequels automatically make a game great?

I�m pretty sure this is noticeable by many gamers, but I don�t hear much talk about it. Since I�m writing a blog about this, I�m just going to ask anyway, �Have anyone notice that most if not all videogame sequels of critically acclaim ga...


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