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My Body, Is Not Ready

Combo Breakers, Counter Breakers, spacing, timing, hit boxes, frame data, combos that actually work in practice.� These are all aspects of Killer Instinct and of fighting games in general that can be learned with enough practice.� Fundament...


An evolving setup and more Killer Instinct

Well, I've been banished from my own television folks.� The wife has decided, in her majesty's flawless wisdom, that she can no longer share the television.� Snap is not good enough.� Days of our Lives takes priority over my X1.� So, I wa...


Confession: I am horrible at Killer Instinct

I am a terrible Killer Instinct player.� It's not the game that is at fault.� It's fairly simple to learn, not incredibly challenging to master.� It's responsive, fluid, and well designed.� No, it's just me.� While it isn't hard to learn, i...


Swiftly Reviews: Dead Rising 3

Prior to its release DR3 had a bit of controversy around it regarding framerate, its darker tone, and visual fidelity.� As it turned out, none of these things were actual problems but rather served to further add cars to the hype train.� ...


A Weekend with the Xbox One - Early Impressions

By 12:30am, I will have had my Xbox One for 48 hours.� In that time, I've played quite a bit of Forza and far more Dead Rising 3.� I've also tooled around with the console itself.� Sampled it's voice controls, have fallen in love with Uplo...


The Calm Before the One Storm

It's happening.� My pre-orders are done.� I'll have a shiny new console to play with and three games.� My new Xbox Live account is made, and ready to go (long story about why I decided to make a new one that I won't go into here).� As the...


Xbox One - Launch Games Review Predictions

It's happening.� The X1 is less than a week from hitting the shelves and gracing our homes.� Starting Monday the first reviews will trickle in from all the major websites for a handful of games with more being released as the week progresse...


Sigh, I should have known better.

Do you know what I had to eat this morning for breakfast?� Guess.� Go on, I'll wait. . .. ... Humble Pie with a side of Crow.� I don't care for it and I think I'll avoid its foul, disgusting taste from now on.� It was served to me upon lo...


Titanfall Worries

I don't play a lot of first person shooters.� I haven't played Call of Duty since the first one.� I haven't played Halo since the first one.� I haven't touched online multiplayer in either of them.� Yet I enjoyed the hell out of the Bioshoc...


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