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A little bit late introductory blog (+ AMA I guess)

Hola D-toiders~! It might be a little late, but I felt that I might have to do it eventually. I probably should've started my life here in the Destructoid community with this introductory post, but I was too eager to see how my stuff ...


SciAnts - Don't let them get your food!

Developer: TileIslePublisher: MADSOFT Games, Inc.Format: Android With the increasing popularity of smartphones there has been has grown a bigger audience for casual gaming. This is why it's natural that there is an influx of casual ga...


Locom REVIEW - 2D Water Physics Fun!

Developer: RespireGamesPublisher: CoolBuddyFormat: PC (browser/flash) Locom is what I'd call a 2D skill-based game. It's got a lot of platforming elements, but you don't exactly have any of the running and jumping of a traditional pla...


Video Game Music Compilation 40

Yoshi's Story is a cute little game, with cute music to boot. The interesting thing about this game's OST is the fact that it's the same one, remixed to fit the different level's atmospheres. It's an interesting concept, one kinda don...


Video Game Music Compilation 39

Author's Note:This is the first VGMC to be posted on my C-Blog on Destructoid. VGMC stands for "Video Game Music Compilation" and is essentially where I write about the atmosphere, tone, style, and whatever else that piece of VGM has ...


Coaster Racer 3 - Racing has it's Ups and Downs

Developer: LongAnimals & BiscuitLockerPublisher: KongregateFormat: PC (browser/flash)  Coaster Racer 3 is the first racing game I will have ever reviewed. It's a really simple game about racing a rather small array of vehicle...


Aether - Task-Taking on an Interplanetary Level

Developers: Edmund McMillen & Tyler GaielPublisher: Armor GamesFormat: PC (browser/flash) Edmund McMillen is known to create various experimental games from time to time, and Aether is one of them. Experimental is a word I'd deem ...


The TI-84 Calculator as a Gaming Device

Author's Note: Sorry about the lack of photos and overall poor quality of the photos used. This was a weird topic I wrote about a while ago and this is the only image I felt like whipping up. So yeah. There goes the quality of my firs...


About Seeeeeethone of us since 5:37 PM on 11.29.2014

Holy shit, I'm back. I probably won't be around often, but I really enjoyed this community back when I first joined it around 2015 so I figured I should stop by when I have something to say. Some might remember me as the guy who talked about flash games and VGM a lot. I'm still that guy, but different at the same time. It's a pleasure to be back.

Favorite Games:
-Treasure Adventure World
-Fallout 2

Favorite Flash Games:
-Pause Ahead
-Castaway II: Isle of the Titans
-The Power
-Elephant Quest

Top 10 Video Game Soundtracks:
(Not ordered)
-Treasure Adventure World
-Touhou 12: Unidentified Fantastic Object
-Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game
-Coffee Talk
-A Hat in Time
-Phoenotopia Awakening