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The Obscurer Tribune # 21

Time to celebrate yet again, everyone – the Tribune is now legally old enough to drink!...if you’re generous enough to equate “weekly issues” with “years!” Don’t worry, though, I’ll find SOMEthing to highlight for every single issue if I ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 20

Get out your noisemakers, because this issue of the Tribune happens to have a round number attached to it! Or you could just read the past week’s obscure gaming news as usual, since there’s certainly plenty of it: --------- I’ll sta...


How-To: Atelier Annie

I frequently recommend obscure games to others: this often means urging players with more “mainstream” sensibilities than mine to venture into somewhat intimidating territory, at a loss for how to react to certain unusual features and des...


The Obscurer Tribune # 19

Only one more issue to go until our big 20th Issue Blowout Party!...huh? “What am I planning for it?” I thought you were in charge of the planning! Guess I’ll have to call back the catering company…in the meantime, here’s this week’s oddb...


The Obscurer Tribune # 18

Well, I finally got that article I’d been promising for the past few weeks finished…whew! Now to get to work on that new series I’ve been promising even longer than that…first things first though, here’s this week’s offbeat gaming news re...


Shmups: Gaming's Equal-Opportunity Employer

Funny where an idea for a blog can come from: a few weeks ago, as his theme piece for “The Forgotten”, Cadtalfryn posted this writeup about M.U.S.H.A., a scrolling shooter for the Genesis. As nice as the piece was, the article itself isn’...


The Obscurer Tribune # 17

Phew, been a busy week…as a result, obviously I wasn’t able to get my latest non-Tribune article out as soon as I’d hoped. It’s nearly done, though, so next week for sure! In the meantime, why not catch up on the latest oddball goings-on ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 16

Ah…the sweet sixteen. It';s a pretty meaningless number, really, but still - only two more issues ‘til the Tribune can vote (of course, it’ll pick some no-name third-party candidate who’ll never win every time)! Still a ways before it can...


The Obscurer Tribune # 15

As I mentioned here, the Tribune is responsible for almost three out of every five blogs that I post – time to continue to skew the equation further, as there’s truckloads to cover this week! --------- G. Rev, the developer of Border ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 14

First off, let me take a moment to thank any and all who decided to take a chance on something different and import Mushihime-sama Futari, as I encouraged/threatened you to do last issue – I’m proud to have you as readers. The rest of you...


The Obscurer Tribune # 13

I delayed posting this Tribune by a day or two in an attempt to cram as much TGS stuff in here as I could – hopefully I didn’t miss anything too weird. Anyway, on to the (loads and loads of) coverage: --------- ALL OF YOU, READ THIS I...


The Obscurer Tribune # 12

A little bit later than usual this week, but that’s because there was such a HUGE amount of news to compile. As such, I’ll shut up and let you get to it: --------- Some of you might have already seen the 360 import shmup feature in th...


The Obscurer Tribune # 11

Time to start up a list of conspiracy theories as to the significance of the eleventh issue since the Tribune’s return appearing on 9-11! Because everything that happens on any September 11th these days is historically significant! Riiigh...


Dreamcast: The Other Shmup Machine

Most video game systems, once they “die”, are forgotten relatively quickly in favor of their successors – at best, one may be fondly, if briefly, recalled when a classic of its heyday comes up in a “retro” conversation. Few consoles make ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 10!

Would you look at that – it’s been a whole ten issues since the return of The Obscurer Tribune! In commemoration, not only am I debuting some brand new 620-wide section banners to fit the new c-blog format, but I’m officially retiring the...


Up Close: The Muramasa Pre-Order Art

If you read my blog (all two of you) you’re aware that I rarely do “spur of the moment” posts, but I thought that the community might enjoy this one. Here’s the story: Yesterday I popped into one of my local Gamestops and chatted for a bit ...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix # 9

Well, if any of you out there haven’t yet sworn never to read my blog again after this post, here’s this week’s rundown of offbeat gaming news items: -------- Japanese DSiWare customers are going to have a new shmup available from Arik...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix # 8

Historically speaking, this is a pretty sizeable Tribune, though after last week’s monster it looks positively puny…lots of interesting stuff therein though, I promise! Onto the news items - ---------- Shmup company extraordinare Cave...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix # 6

Well, if any of you long-suffering readers out there haven’t yet collapsed and died trying to get through my most recent ramblings (or heck, even just seeking a way to safely bypass their sizable girth), here’s the latest batch of assort...


Obscurer Tribune (Not-So-)Mini-Mix # 5

Considering how few people read this as it is, I probably shouldn’t be posting this so late on a Sunday…then again, not like I have much to lose as it is. On to the news items: --------- VERY early and shaky reporting here, but it’s t...


Obscurer Tribune (Not-So-)Mini Mix - # 4

Yeah, at this point the thing is so bloated that I couldn’t look at the “normal” title without getting embarrassed. Anyway, on to the copious heaps of obscure gaming news - ---------------- Here’s one for those who enjoyed some of th...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix - # 3

Welcome back to The Obscurer Tribune, where everything is “below the fold.” This issue you’ll notice that I’ve tweaked the layout a little further – I’ve split the previous “Others” section into “Role-Playing-ish” (since I tend to cover...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix - # 2

Well, the first issue of the newly-revamped Tribune was…well, about as successful as the old format was, not to mention that it still made “WordToid” despite my attempts to shorten it up a bit. Guess that’s just the nature of the beast…w...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix - # 1

Well, looky what we got here (no, not a multi-assault tank, rookie...and no, pretty much nobody aside from me is going to get that reference). Yes, lady and gentleman (considering my readership I don’t think the use of plurals is appropri...


Regarding E3: I’ve Already Got Plans

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying reading about what’s happening over at the show this week, and keeping up on what’s coming out, the same as most everyone else – after all, even the games and doodads that I have little personal interest i...


The Forgotten Essentials – Part 3: Fighters

Hello again, and welcome to the final (for now) installment of “The Forgotten Essentials,” which devotes a little time to looking into genre-specific elements of game design that can make all the difference between an “okay” title and a t...


The Forgotten Essentials – Part 2: Shmups

Welcome back to my “Forgotten Essentials” series, wherein I take a little time to discuss what I consider to be the “not-so-obvious” things that developers in a given genre ought to make a priority if they want their product to make the v...


My Very First DS

Yep, you read right – just a matter of days ago I finally joined the ever-expanding ranks of DS owners, several years after this announcement would have even remotely impressed anybody. For me, though, this is a very big thing – not so mu...


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