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Brentafloss's Zelda with Lyrics is here!

After a long wait, and teasing from his concert at the ScrewAttack convention, Brentalfloss returns again, bringing his signature stylings to the classic Legend of Zelda Theme. If you have never heard of him (how couldn't you know this guy?...


The Forgotten: Mega Man Network Transmission

(thanks to megaStryke for the suggestion to re post it fresh) Ok well i admit it, Before this I had never played a Mega Man game. I was a lone gamer back in grade school, but on the bright side I had no idea what I would be getting into. T...


Best Buy X GameStop = A Match Made In Consumer Hell

http://kotaku.com/5363583/is-gamestop-a-best-buy-for-best-buy what a crazy idea. take a retailer focused on games and combine with one focused on consumer electronics, multimedia and washing machines. it sounds genius, but highly doubtful....


Redundant Reviews: Shadow Complex

So it's been a while since a game came out, and all relevant reviews are said and done. But perhaps there's room for one more say. That's what I intend to do w/ these Redundant Reviews. Not exactly captain obvious material, but some could b...


Halo 3 ODST: A love letter that i will refuse.

I'll admit it up front and say i haven't owned any halo game. Ever. In fact back in the day i was anti-xbox (well mud on my face now...stop staring at me eltie, u e74'd on me b4 the covering of them) and thought the game was pretty silly an...


Kelly Green PAX Shirt has graced my body

Well it finally arrived the yesterday, (Sunday i know right?) but it's here. the D-toid Kelly Green PAX Special Shirt. And man is it sexy. I mean look at me i'm good enough to model for anything now! It got me in the mood to game a bit ...


Last gen Gaming Month Day3.5

I cheated a little and included friday's and saturdays's play into a single post. Reason being, GRADUATION WEEKEND! from high school anyway. so then my month long romp through last gen awesomenss will go unhindered by such things as school ...


Last gen Gaming Month Day2

Time to give an update of exploits from my last gen gaming yesterday. Kingdom Hearts 2 went down. Some interesting things i noticed. The radically improved control scheme was a welcome change, improved camera and the reaction commands help...


Last gen Gaming Month Day1

Hello D-toid. I'm hear to try out an experiment i supposed we can say. I'm aiming to play through a collection of games before the ned of the month and figured i might as well blog the exploits. We got 5 games to try and conquer. Kingdom...


I'm shocked, Completely shocked. Also video.

Wow... I had no clue That people would read what I said.... and so many so fast.... Utterly and completely shocked! Most misspellings last time were intentional, and well yea... Well maybe I'll take the time now to pitch my movie troupe...


About Antwhanone of us since 9:42 PM on 12.12.2007

NEW! AND IMPROVED! NOW With relevant information!

Tony's the name, and i can game. Or i also go by Anthony and on the net as Antwhan.

Catch me and my semi-frequent ramblings on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/Antwhan

I make movies and am trying to break into the film industry. Maybe one day I'll be able to adapt a game or an anime for that matter to film successfully. Who knows.

I'm attempting to become involved w/ the d-toid community more. because it's such an awesome one. and also working on College stuff here @ Penn State.

First system i ever had was a Genesis, which i still play Sonic 2 on once in a while. But the PS1 is gathering dust w/ the ddr pads for it. The GameBoy Color was the first system that I played nonstop, Specifically Pokemon Red, Tetris, and Kirby's Dream Land 2.

Currently Rocking a 360 and a Wii, and some PC games that run on Mac, because I needed the Mac for my film major here at college.

I enjoy a good rpg and platformers, and arcade style racing/sports games. Also have been caught playing Shooters of the First and Third Person Variety.

Thanks for reading this you you did, and Rock On! I hope to meet fellow D-Toiders in the future somewhere in person.
Xbox LIVE:Wast1102


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