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Rottytops and her new friend Stubbs having some good bonding time with Shantae.


Demon Souls and Dark Souls at the Olympic Games. I swear this wasn't just an elaborate excuse to draw the Maiden in Black in sportswear...mostly. Also if you like this and have a twitter, please give it a retweet ♥, will post the link in the comments.


I drew a comic about Mia and her edgy Palico Fluffy.


I drew the Mythra Kazooie pairing again, this time with the anthro Kazooie I painted a while back.


Xingqui sketch, will probably be stopping dailysketches, atleast for a while so I can focus on longer pieces more.


I'm living for these Kazooie, Mythra memes. Two of my favorite franchises together haha.


I finished a character sheet for my Monster Hunter OC Mia.


XENOBLADE 2 IN SMASH, LETS FUCKING GOOOOOO(Also today's dailysketch in comments, technically did 2 since I was not expecting this lol)


Painted the Rem abs I think I'm getting pretty good at painting abs if I do say so myself


weekend daily-sketches, Raven and another one in comments.


Valentine daily-sketch. Colored version coming soon.


Sei Asagiri!(also more dailysketches in comments)


I finally made a character sheet for Clarissa. Character writing is difficult lol, I want to practice at it though so I can do more comics sometime.


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