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Pig's Games of 2020

Another year, another year of games.   I'm getting this out somewhat later then I expected to but, better now then early December like some weird people like to do, games that release in December deserve to be noted too people, p...


Art Commissions are open!.

Hey everyone, as a lot of you know I've been studying art for quite a while now and I've decided to open myself up for commissions, here's my pricing list if you're interested!. £13 $16 Sketches         &n...


The Best Doctor Who Episodes for Newbies.

Hey there folks, been a long while since I've written one of these, I got burned out after the mammoth that was my villains blog and since then I've had trouble coming up with ideas to write about, so I thought hey, why not w...


Triggerpigkings Top 10 Villains.

Intended to get this out in the actual month of the bloggers wanted but well... I'm lazy and Gravity Rush and Nioh came out and besides it's 6000 odd words this took ages!.   Ah Villains, who doesn't love them? Well the good ...


Special Little Places: Are We There Yet?.

Got this out a bit late due to moving homes and the holidays.   For quite a few years since my first  year of High school me, my best friend Harry and his mum travelled to his Nan's place usually a few times a year ...


Halloween Games

Hoy small fries! It's almost time for my favorite day of the year and since I'm a big horror fan I figured why not recommend some games for halloween, I planned to get this out much sooner given Halloween is 11 days...


Valkyria Chronicles Review

Hey all, just recently finished valkyria chronicles and it's a game I have a lot of thoughts on so I figured ...I have little to no life and way too much time, why not blog about it!. I've tried to dodge spoilers when possible but it's...


Nioh Beta Impression's

Hey All decided to try my hand at doing some blogging, never tried it before and I thought it'd be fun to try and get into.   The subject of this one being the nioh beta. I haven't exactly been subtle about my love for how the dev...


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