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Spring Break Backlog BBQ

My backlog is insanely large and keeps growing with each sale or used game I find that I just have to have. It's at the point where every time I go to play something new, I feel a sense of panic rush through me, as if my choice will determi...


Failure to Move

After gathering all my birthday money, I decided it was time to get a Playstation Move. Since I already own the the PS Eye, the only thing I needed was the glowing, vibrating, bulbous controller, so I went down the street to the local GameS...


Super Meat Boy PC Countdown

As everyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook already knows, I'm in love with Super Meat Boy. Since it hit XBLA in late October, I've logged some 50 hours in my quest to beat every level, grab every bandage, and unlock every character. ...


Super? More Like Stupid Mario Bros.

After something like 13 games, you'd think that Mario would learn to start his quest in world eight. I mean, just think about it, when you lose something on a regular basis, don't you start looking in the places you've found it before? My ...


Think Before You Type

I joined this site because, unlike most of the blogs about games and the gaming industry, the staff and most of the community on Dtoid doesn't take themselves as seriously; choosing instead to use humor and satire to make points that would ...


New Mario, Same Nintendo

One of my most anticipated releases of the holiday season was New Super Mario Bros Wii. Not just because the DS title was amazing, and this basically looks like a Wii upgrade of that game, or the fact that I've been actively looking for an ...


Real Triggers for PS3

With a price cut, a new Slim model, a 250gb system on the near horizon, and a completely free to use Playstation Network, it's getting hard to nitpick about the PS3. But, if there is one almost completely universal complaint about the Plays...


Feel Good Hit Of The Summer (Of Arcade)

The first XBLA Summer of Arcade wasn't just hot, it was on fire. With titles like Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, Braid, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Galaga Legions, and Castle Crashers, I really couldn't imagine it getting much better. In fact...


Rearmed: Revamped & Replayed

As a kid, there was one NES game that I completely sucked at but loved to play nonetheless: Bionic Commando. Sure, I had most of the other classic NES games (Mario 1-3, Zelda, Rad Racer, Duck Hunt, Contra), but the controls for Bionic Comma...


Don't Call It A Rehash

E3 was pretty amazing this year (at least in comparison to the last few). Nintendo did much better than their flop of a show in 2008; mostly thanks to Mario steppin' up to the plate in three different titles, the MotionPlus thingy that is s...


(The Console) War Never Changes

A recent Penny Arcade sent me spiraling into a state of reminiscence before I had even finished the strip or read the associated blogs. I'm pretty sure I don't miss the diehard dedication and elitism of those days, but the sense of nostalg...


Whose Revolution Is This?

The idea behind motion controlled games is a pretty cool one... in theory. Slash to use a sword. Point to use a gun. Turn a wheel to drive a car. But after 3 years of the Wii's motion controlled games, and the PS3s motion enhanced Sixaxis c...


Free Gaming: The Next Big Thing?

I grew up as a pretty old school gamer. When all my friends were playing the SNES and Genesis, I had to stick with my brother's NES and the families Game Boy. These games revolved around the platforming/adventure genre, single player gamepl...


Xi: Home's Evolution

Upon Home's open beta release, most people started wondering just why they had been so excited about Home. There was nothing to do (unless you really loved bowling and cheaply thrown together arcade games), took forever to load anything, a...


The Hardest Choice Of 2009

It was morning, yet the sun hadn't risen. Instead, a cool, cloudy blanket wrapped around the earth ever so gently, letting some light through, but no warmth. A cool brisk air whisked about me as I opened the door and stepped out, and doub...


I think I have a problem...

I keep buying games at a much higher rate than which I can play through them. Today, for instance, while bored, I cruised through GameStop and Vintage Stock just planning to look and drool at stuff. However, as it usually happens, I find ...


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