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If you made a bug MMO, would the hard bosses be a Raid?


Session 0 of Dark Souls went very well. Enemies and players are both deadly, and combat has a lot of risk/reward or push/pull. One player died. Ready for sesion 1!


Someone made an anime VN that does your taxes. Just a reminder not to give your SSN to visual novels. Except that one where you are flirting with a Nigerian prince, then you totally can.


Today is the day I get to subject my friends to the Dark Souls 5e RPG! Excited about it as I've had the book for a while and the changes sound very fun


Was playing Sniper Contracts 2 (at twitch.tv/taterchimp) and this song came on. It is the PERFECT song for sniping! I also adore the music video, so had to put it here.


Halfway through the Yakuza series now. I would say 7 > 2 > 0 (Majima) > 1 > 0 (Kiyru).


Do you pronounce NES/SNES as 1 syllable, or 3/4 syllables?


"THE TEXAS JAYHAWK MASSACRE: smoked gouda cheese, smoked beef brisket, Backwoods BBQ sauce, mayo, homestyle Prairie Breeze mac + cheese, toasted breadcrumbs, fried chicken tender + Stuntman hot sauce." Nah.


Okay, there's a chapter in Yakuza 2 where it really jumps the shark. I think tis my favorite in the series so far, though, from a gameplay perspective


Sweet, house party is on sale. Now I can finally poison some girls coke with eye droppers after licking the doors so she has to run naked through the house which makes her sister like me. ...or so I read


Is this hand a keep or a mull? Loving my new EDH deck


Sent an invite for a singles night to my bosses wife. Feels good. (We used to hang out, I invited him at work, and it's at a bar with dogs)


Dope lil FGC event going on at the arcade / pizza shop / tattoo parlor in my town.


It's also my house-iversary. 10 years!


I like Megaman as an IP. But I only ever played III and X. No interest in playing any other ones. Not even interest in playing III again, because its hard. Anyone have something similar?


Update: My organs are noticeably inflamed. I ate the exact same lunch that I Had for dinner yesterday, so it was just random, I guess. And I'm rich in Yakuza, so thats cool


"Juan de Los Muertos / Swiss cheese, roasted mojo pork butt, smoked ham, housemade zesty pickle chips, mayo and yellow mustard on a South Union Bakery bun served Cuban style ". Hell yes. Zero objections.


Final Verdict on Jack Move is that it is a really well done less than 8 hour RPG. Some interesting mechanics for encounter rates and battles, and fun pixel art. Is good.


I remember a guy in high school ate his breakfast with Tabasco and I can't think of a worse way to wake uo


Contracts 2 is on sale. Finally my literal days of patience pay off


Jack Move has some pretty cool ideas on how to make RPGs. I think its really short, which is a shame because I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far.


"He's an apple that's been inhabited by the spirit of a dead cat, and he absolutely shreds on the drums. He's very cute but also very metal." Sold.


Killed a bottle of whiskey with friends while playing guitar hero on drums and geetar tonight. Not too shabby


Been thinking how one could make a game that is basically Furi / Shadow of the Colossus but a jrpg


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