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Dead by Daylight is getting a dating game.


2 hours to go! Switching to tetris because my brain is mush. Help out kids / say hello if you want!


Just beat the Dark Souls incentive to ring 2 bells (in 65 minutes!). Still lenty of stream left, at least another 6.5 more hours. About 100 shy of goal #ForTheKids. Join at twitch.tv/taterchimp if you want, or check my blog for details


Today's the day! Extra Life Charity stream! We are starting at almost $700 of a (new) $1,000 dollar goal. If you want to view me struggle with FF13-2 or help meet the goal #forTheKids, drop on by!


Friday the 13th! You know what that means! 1: its my birthday! 2: Extra life 12 hour stream of FF13-2 tomorrow! Check out my blog for more details. I haven't even started it yet, and we are already crushing it. Dare I dream $1,000?


"ONIBABA: Swiss cheese, tamari-glazed pulled bacon, fried egg*, quick pickled baby bok choy + carrot, crispy Japanese mushrooms + scallions, chili crunch mayo." I know all those words, but I can't process them all together.


"why I am burned out on Isaac?". Past 2 weeks playtime is 50 hours. No, yeah. That makes sense


People seem to think this is funny, but because I'm colorblind I'm at a Loss for why


Games FF13-2 Reminds me of: Metal Gear Solid 2, Pokemon, Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry, Chrono Trigger, and Kingdom Hearts.


My first adult ring. My late grandfather's, fitted down with a ring spring


...Is FF13-2 actually good? I'm super into it after three hours (technical issues and horribly bare bones port aside)


Tonight is part 1 of FF13-2 steaming, and Wednesday will be part 2! Getting a foothold before my first Extra Life day on 5/14 which will be an all day stream. I put a blog about it if you want to check it out/help sick kids!


Ever just wake up and decide you are going to be a lazy piece of shit


Game 20 of 2022 'completed': Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Still the king of roguelikes, although a bit dated. Tons to do with great run variety. Installed a mod to tell me what everything does, though, because I can’t be bothered to get soy milk’d ag


Not 100 percent on this one but I'm not against it just yet


"ZOMBIE DE MAYO: house-made chorizo patty, pepper jack cheese, red chile sauce, fried tortilla strips, pico de gallo + chipotle mayo." Day early for the holidays. I think the chorizo patty is on top of the beef patty, too.


I put on Clubman at 4:30 and I still smell like a barber shop


Extra Life part 1 blog is up! Read it with your eyeballs, and then maybe show up and then maybe donate?


A lot of rough things going on lately, but if you need a beacon of hope to make your day a little bit brighter, Trouble Shooter is on sale on steam.


May 14th. Extra Life. FF13-2. All day. More details to come.


"COUNTRY FRIED ZOMBIE: chicken-fried beef patty, smoked pimento cheese, collard greens with smoked ham, bread and butter quick pickles, fried egg + red eye gravy. " 100% about this, if the beef isn't overcooked.


Lord help me, I want to double dip on Tetris Effect for switch so I can play it for a week while I'm away from my computer.


I drove 300 miles to take this selfie


All S ranks on Normal in Tetris Effect! Plus, I got an A on Marathon. All without T spins, because they boggle my mind, so I just ignore them.


Happy birthday to my hetero lifemate


Got 2 perfectrises and got a SS rank on the last level of Tetris Effect. Only 1 set of stages and I will have S rankings on all of normal!


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