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Final Fantasy XIII 13 hour charity stream on Friday, 5/1!


May first is going to be one heck of a day.  You know why?  Because I am going to be doing a 13 hour long stream of Final Fantasy 13!  I have already made it well past the furthest point I made it before, so this is a blind playthrough. I’m going to be starting somewhere around 15-20 hours in at the start of the stream, so if you have no idea what’s going on, join the club!  Please, no spoilers!  The stream is going to run from 10:00am CST until 11:00 PM CST.  You can find the stream at:


With everything going on, I wanted to use this as an opportunity to raise money for The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital through Extra Life.  Extra Life is a fantastic program that has collaborated with gamers to raise money for hospitals around the country.  I am setting a goal for the stream of $250 raised.  If we somehow manage to reach $500, I will donate an additional $100 dollars.  In addition to regular donations from the kindness of your heart, I am setting up several donation incentives!  I have a personal page to track my goal, and hopefully keep track of the incentive donations.  The link for it is:


  • Pet Cam - $3.50    Jealous of my majestic isolation beard?  Change the camera to the nearest pet instead!  
  • Play/Remove party member of your choice  $4.20    If you get sick of a character, or just want to make me suffer a less than optimal party, I will swap out/in a character of your choice
  • Jukebox Hero - $10.00  Mute/lower the game audio so I can listen to my own music for a bit
  • Datalog Story Time - $15.00    Want to get caught up on the story?  Learn about Fal’Cie?  For 15 buckazoids, I will pause the game and read through one datalog section of your choice.
  • Drawful - $20.00   Commission a (safe for work) drawing to be done on the medium of “mechanical pencil on paper” for me to complete on stream!  I warn you, I am pretty bad at all forms of drawing, but I will try my best!

In addition to those, I also have incentives for Game Changers!

  • Desert Bus for Hope - $30.00  For half an hour, I will take the reigns of a bus bound for l'Vegas
  • Play Final Fantasy 15 instead - $150.00  Sick of FF13, or want me to stop punishing myself?  For 15x10 dollars, I’ll switch over and play FF15 instead!
  • Beat Dark Souls instead  $200.00 - Let’s be honest, Final Fantasy is overrated.  Let’s play Dark Souls again. I can beat this game in a little under 5 hours on a good day, so if this is donated early enough you can get a playthrough on the stream.  
  • Back to FF13 - $50.00  - I doubt anyone would change the game, but if they did and you really, really wanted to see some more FF13, why not throw some cash in to play that instead?


Bring your family, bring your friends, and please bring random stories and jokes to help me keep my sanity.

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