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Extra Life Game Day 2020 - Final Fantasy 7!


Back in May I did a no reason fundraiser playing Final Fantasy 13 for 13 hours.  Now that the official Extra Life day is upon us, I think it would be only appropriate to play Final Fantasy 7 for a total of 12 hours!  Unlike May’s stream, this game is actually considered good, so I’m hoping that helps people decide to donate!  The stream will be on November 7th and I am shooting for 9 AM CST to 9 PM CST.  I’m going to be starting at the 15-ish hour mark, and this is a mostly blind playthrough - I know some of the major story beats but I have never actually played the game before.  You can find the stream at:


My particular charity is The University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.  Extra Life is a fantastic program that has collaborated with gamers to raise money for hospitals around the country, and I am super happy to be a part of it again.  I am setting a goal for the stream of $250 raised.  If we somehow manage to reach $500 raised, I will donate an additional $100 dollars.   Unfortunately I am not savvy enough to know how to reset the goals from my last charity stream, so that means my starting point is $365.  The incentives from the last stream are also no longer valid, but I can’t remove them if they were already claimed, so I am listing incentives here and on my stream.  Here are the new incentives!  (Subject to change up until the day of)

Show Nora/Leon! - $5.00.  I will drop everything and find my pets to show their faces on cam.

Party Swap - $10.00  Make this donation and call out which party members you want me to use.  I don't know if there are in game restrictions on who can be used when, so some restrictions apply.

FF13 Soundtrack - $13.00  Why are you like this?

Drawful - $20.00   Commission a (safe for work) drawing to be done on the medium of “mechanical pencil on paper” for me to complete on stream!  I warn you, I am pretty bad at all forms of drawing, but I will try my best

Game changers are also back on the menu!

Materia: The Gathering - $50.  I’ll fire up MTGO and play a round of Vintage Cube!

Beat Ornstein and Smough - $100.  After finding a save point, I will drop everything and play Dark Souls through Ornstein and Smough!

Beat Gwyn - $100.  Did you tune into a Final Fantasy stream when you really, really wanted a Dark Souls stream?  Fine, I’ll beat the whole game!  (Must have O&S completed first).

Lightning Returns? - $200.  Please don’t make me play this.

Undo Lightning Returns - $50.  Save me.

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