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Not sure what I'm so confused about, lol. Yeah, I'm another old dude. My hair is tied up, if that's what anyone was curious about?


Heads up, if you have Persona 5 Royal, there's a dlc pack that's free right now on the Playstation store. I'll link to the page below.


Had to get it. Hopefully we'll get more VanillaWare games ported to newer systems. Maybe SEGA/Atlus will re-release Princess Crown one day?


It's obviously an April fools joke, BUT it is also a real item. Not worth $50 for a joke, but I guess it's kinda funny?


Wow! That was even faster than River City Girls 2 turnaround. Easily the quickest I've received anything from Strictly Limited. If you're looking for a rad horizontal shmup, don't let the terrible name stop you from trying it. Excellent entry level shmup!


Wow, that's easily the quickest turnaround for any Limited Run preorder I've had. Three months? Sweet!!


I think I've finally embraced my inner Dr Claw. Recently A-ko has decided that she wants to watch me, watch TV, or play games. She gets on the arm rest, and poses, waiting for me to pet her, lol. It's pretty adorable. "Next time Gadget, next time!"


New shmup showed up today. It's good, not great. Very 16bit in style and design. Ordered it in April of last year. Totally forgot about it until the shipping email a couple days ago. RIP Lance Reddick. From the Wire, to John Wick, he was great. Sad new


I can't pimp this game enough. If you want an excellent horizontal shmup for your Switch or Steamdeck, you absolutely can not go wrong with Hazelnut Hex! I think it's $8, full price, but it's regularly on sale. If you like the Cotton games, this is on par


I figured it was finally time to give Switch Online + Expansion Pass a try. I'm already slightly regretting it...IF I can't turn off the stupid/unbelievably obvious info it thinks I need, at all times. Please tell me I missed a menu option to turn it off.


So, that really sweet looking metroidvania game, Grim Guardians, is changing the title to "Gal Guardians". I think it's due to some other studio filing a cease and desist over a similar title. Whatever, it still looks rad! Probably a day 1 purchase for me


The GrimGromiore demo is up on ps4/ps5 and switch. It's not going to be everyone's jam, but it's cool and obviously gorgeous! We need more VanillaWare games on as many current consoles as possible.


Finally! I got an email from gamestop last Thursday saying it had shipped, but no tracking. If I checked my order, it still said they were "awaiting product", so I wasn't expecting it anytime soon. Sweet, I can finally go back to Talon IV.


Is it finally time for that Vanquish sequel? Yeah, probably not. I can dream though.


2 show up in one day. I should have waited longer on Crisis Core--it was only $10 off, though SquareEnix is weird and I didn't want to miss the, probably, only print run. Gunvolt3 was ordered many months ago. Thought it was a LR exclusive, but it is not.


Happy Birthday. Would love a remaster, and a sequel.


This might've been a bad idea. My go to Sudden Death sauce, which is directly before this heat wise, was unavailable. Come to find out, this is 5X the Scoville unit count of the Sudden Death sauce. It's around 650,000 Scoville, compared to 150,000. Yikes!


Was going to play El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron on the Series X. Why is it not backwards compatible? It didn't work so I looked it up on the BC list and was sad that it's not compatible, BUT I found that Guwange (CAVE shmup) is. Got that at least.


The Portal compilation is $12 on the eshop now. The only reason I waited is the hope that a physical would get announced, but that hasn't happened. 2 of my favorite games, ever. Portal 2 is definitely in my top 10. I can't possibly recommend a game more!!


My Amazon order of Metroid Prime Remastered shows a release date of February 13th. I assumed it was a misprint, but apparently it's listed for the 13th now everywhere. 2 weeks isn't too bad of a wait, but a second shadow drop on Monday would be super rad!


Shadow dropping Metroid Prime, AND a physical in 2 weeks! Was hoping for Prime 4 and a new Mario, but I'm good now.


So, yeah, I bought that Genesis throw blanket. Color looks strange because it's fleece--rub up vs down, and the graphic looks lighter or darker. Wouldn't recommend it as an actual blanket, but if I can get A-ko off of it, my intention all along was...


Drainus is out for Switch and I can't recommend it enough for gamers new to shmups, or wanting to get back into them. A little on the easy side compared to others in the genre, and some of the best sprite work you'll see. Still an awful name--great game!!


Very nice, very evil. This showed up today. Ordered this in November of 2021 just after he broke his leg because half of the purchase amount went directly to him, and ROH had recently shut down. Was scheduled to ship last april...so, right on time.


Well that sucks! Would've loved another single player campaign like Titanfall 2.


You sell like 50 consoles a month in Japan, but apparently want to sell less? I understand the cost issue, and Sony also did this, but an extra $50 price hike seems like a futile decision considering the Japanese market has never fully accepted Xbox.


Still hoping that M2 changes their mind and releases Aleste SenXin outside of Japanese arcades. Technically it could be released US arcades, but oh yeah, those don't really exist. Aleste Branch might make it out this year though. Fingers crossed.


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