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Sifu is still amazing and the new Arenas mode adds a lot of replay value. Also, rad new outfits! There's a couple others not pictured here. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their long holiday weekend... if you got one that is.


Man this sucks! I also signed up to cohost. cohost.org/Streetmagik


I'm truly kinda sad. I finished TotK Friday--I accidentally walked into the end game, though it was obvious very quickly. Today I've literally been in a weird funk. I haven't really wanted to play anything? Have you ever been sad after finishing a game?


Link, homeowner, and fancy unicorn person. Now he can deal with the constant annoyances of homeownership, and everything breaking, lol. I got lucky as hell today. My AC was 100% covered, even the labor!


Double post, yeah sorry, but I probably could have done this 75 hours ago. You can have your hood down. I bought a second just to have one up and one down. It's silly, but I NEEDED IT!! I spent 3 hours goofing off today, and still found multiple things.


Totally forgot I ordered this. Kinda wish I would've waited. I made a pretty large import preorder a week ago, and my AC randomly stopped working yesterday--coming tomorrow to check it out. It's only a year old. I'm assuming that's going to cost me.


This rad game showed up today. Also, that may or may not be a frog beside it. How am I supposed to know? I'm no Frogologist.


That FF16 demo was pretty rad! I finally got off TotK long enough to try a few things. PinocchioBorne is pretty good, but FF16...incredible! The combat was pretty easy, even in combat mode, though I'd assume it ramps up. The HDR was eye watering.


I'm sorry, it's bonkers to me that these companies (Limited Run, Strictly Limited, etc.) all charge extra for a blank box that basically doesn't say, "hey, I'm the box to steal!" It's only fifty cents here, but it's still super shady imo.


$27.99 and free shipping from GameFly. All these AAA titles releasing with problems is saving me a lot of money. Maybe I'll finally take a break from TotK? I keep randomly finding things, close to 140 hours in! I finally found the BotW blue tunic today.


I thought my copy of Katamari was in the mail, I forgot that I impulse bought this a few weeks ago--it was $15-16. The Switch version is really rough, so I thought I'd try this. Apparently Katamari isn't shipping till the end of the month, for some reason


Over 105 hours and a lot left to accomplish. I still have the Goron main quest (I could do it anytime), and a shit-ton of side quests. Seriously, I've done A LOT!, though I definitely have more left when compared to my first playthrough of BotW.


Great, some knucklehead hit a power pole and knocked out the power. Luckily I have a few external battery chargers and my switch. Now the wait begins. Time should go by quicker with TotK to keep me occupied. Also, I'm a bird. Apparently a Spider-bird.


A couple days ago someone mentioned the light roots in TotK. I had no idea what they were yet. Not sure if anyone mentioned, but they're the actual roots of the shrines. The depths is the reverse of the ground map. It's just inverted. I love this game!


Me, a dog, and my monster horse from BotW. When I realized I still had all my horses, I jumped on this beast. I can take on a entire group of Bokoblins, where as without, I'd be dead in seconds right now. He straight up runs dudes over! This game amazing!


Hot take, Zelda TotK, SUCKS... all of my time. Boo, I know, lol. I thought i had been playing for about an hour, but it had been 4! My ps5 and Xbox will need dust covers. Did you know, this is running on the same engine as Switch Sports, and Splatoon 3


Day before Zelda TotK and of course Gunvein drops on Switch (rad Cave-like shmup), and 2 more games show up in the mail. Jamestown+ is another shmup and Spidersaurs looks like Contra mixed with Saturday morning cartoons vibe. Haven't played it yet though.


There's a lead in comic for Insomniac's Spider-Man 2, and the digital version is free to read. If anyone is interested I'll post the hyperlink below.


I'm enjoying Wanted:Dead a good bit more than I thought I would. Not nearly as janky as I assumed. The combat is actually really solid, it just doesn't mess around. Until you fully get a handle of everything, even mid level enemies can drop you quick.


Yo! 3 games show up on the same day?! I also received Wanted: Dead from GameFly. A little annoyed because I also didn't get tracking for either Anno, or DDP DFK (resurrection) from LR. Is LRs turnover getting quicker? It's only been a few months.


Another Cave shmup! Didn't get a tracking email, so I had no idea it was on its way. It's the first time this has happened from LR. Hope it's not a continuous thing. They brand the logo on the envelope, which is just taunting unscrupulous delivery people.


Bunch of used games on sale, with free shipping, at GameFly. I grabbed Wanted: Dead for $25 because I need to play this jankfest for myself. It actually looks right up my alley. Like a Dragon Ishin is $35, which I need to get as well.


Afterimage got a huge patch, unfortunately it's just a PC update. I decided I'll wait and went back to River City Girls 2. I'm at a boss, but it has crashed 5 times. I have no idea if I can progress forward? I guess I'm taking a break from both?


This showed up yesterday. It's a gorgeous Metroidvania that's pretty good so far. Some of the menu stuff is still a bit convoluted, like the skill tree will only let me select certain buffs, even through I have more points than items say I need?


Happy Birthday to the president and only member, Occams.


"Only the dead will see the end of war." At least it's E for everyone though.


Atari saw SEGA buying Angry Birds and thought they should out do them by purchasing stuff even less relevant...like Bubsy. Actually, I haven't looked at the list, it might be a good purchase, I don't know? Bubsy 3D remake coming for ya crown RE4make!


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