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Is this the last time I'm going to buy this game? Probably not.


Most movies and TV shows have been kinda junk lately, but I can always depend on the GOAT actor to deliver a perfect performance! Absolutely killed it in "the Bitches of Eastwick!", and my personal favorite, "Mutt Ado About Nothing."


Finally! I've been waiting to try this out, but didn't want to double dip after preordering the physical 5-6 months ago. So far it's a cool metroidvania, with gorgeous graphics! Hope it holds up, but so far, so good.


See!? I rotted so many braincells learning this that I forgot the picture. Also, Happy Birthday Raven!! Sorry it had to be like this.


What in the actual hell TicTok!? I thought the Pink sauce looked vile, but you mofo's took it to a whole new level of brainrot. This is apparently a real thing people are doing, and I feel dumber than usual just knowing it exists.


New delivery, from France. Sturmwind is a pretty solid horizontal euro-shmup. Blazing Chrome, is straight up SNES/Genesis Contra. It reminds me more of a Genesis game visually, especially the color palette, but with SNES mode 7 style scaling and rotation.


Looking at this cover I definitely wouldn't have guessed, "this looks like a competent bullet hell shmup", but here we are. Never seen any of the anime it's based on, but definitely a fun little shooter.


It looks like the project that Treasure hinted at a couple months ago, for their 30th anniversary, is a re-release of Radiant Silvergun for current platforms, and should be revealed at TGS in a couple weeks. Sweet!!!


Sorry to post again so quick, but AEW Dynamite was freaking bonkers tonight! I love it so much!!! Wrestling has just become the 16bit wars, in wrestling form! HHH has already made leaps in changes (for the better) and AEW has to respond...shots fired!!


I'm so glad I took a chance on this game. I watched this trailer and immediately wanted to try it. You can spider swing, make different types of webs, and for the sake of realism, the spiders most important evolutionary adaptation, freaking eye lasers!!!


New shipment! The game all in Japanese is "Koumajou Remilia Scarlet Symphony". It's a rerelease of a Castlevania/shmup, based on touhou project. Webbed, I watched one trailer and just had to have it. Trigger witch is a twin stick shooter in a 16bit style.


Monica's battle class should be baker...you know, because she's carrying around all that cake. Have mercy!


"Final Fantasy 7 Cloud." I guess it's reassuring to know that A.I. is still kinda dumb. No Terminators anytime soon.


Okay Boomer...shooter, and a sequel to a NeoGeo shmup in 2022. Andro Dunos 2 has been out in Europe for a couple months. Not sure why the NTSC version took so long to ship? I guess I have to take a short break from XC3.


Damn, HHH seems to be wasting zero time fixing the screwups Vince created in his absence. WWE might actually get gud! Pretty exciting time to be a wrestling fan.


Very early in, but I'm really enjoying XC3. Taion is a bit insufferable at the moment. I'm sure that will change over time--character building n' stuff. Loving the design work, all around. Can't wait to look through the art book! Who's best girl? Or boy?


Right on time Nintendo...is what I would have said if it arrived last Friday.


Unfortunately Xenoblade Chronicles 3 didn't show up today, but I did get a couple new/old shooters. Panarama Cotton was a MegaDrive game, and plays like Space Harrier. Mushihimesama is pure Cave awesomeness, though I've had a digital copy since release.


Is anyone else having this issue where the number of responses, or your personal quick response icon, are showing zero, when obviously people responded to the post, or to your response? I only see responses when I dig to the post and that's just a pain.


Power Wash Simulator is pretty fun. I'd have never even considered playing this if it wasn't for GamePass. It's surprisingly well made with it's mechanics and overall polish. Definitely worth a try if you have the service and want a chill game to play.


Finished Gear Shifters on Switch. Imagine if Spy Hunter was a horizontal shmup. I had a lot of fun, but it's grindy as hell. It's stingy with the schematics, which you need to build power ups. Anyway, it's fun, though I'd only recommend on sale. Still fun


Bayonetta 3 special edition is available for preorder at best buy. I'll put the link below if interested.


Limited Run continues to overcharge people for the silliest things. $20 more for a steel case? $45 more for collectors edition...nah, I'm good with the standard. It is a great game though. Live Wire has done a solid job porting the Xbox360 Cave shmups.


Genesis mini 2 is coming stateside, and exclusive to Amazon.


If you gave up earlier, like me, you might want to give it another try. I got on about 15 minutes ago, and viola! I think they're basically doing open orders, kinda like limited Run does. That's why everything else is shipping later. Just a guess though­


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