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Weekend Warriors: Yeezus Walks

_______________________ A combination of the past weekend endeavors, which were both seperate, Weekend Warriors is for all the folks who are busy doing things during the week. Jobs and kids and IRL interaction (blech) and stuff. It's bas...


Weekend Warriors: Fignuts

_______________________ A combination of the past weekend endeavors, which were both seperate, Weekend Warriors is for all the folks who are busy doing things during the week. Jobs and kids and IRL interaction (blech) and stuff. It's bas...


Weekend Warriors: May the Fourth

Welcome to your weekend, warriors. We have the usual bunch of games to play today, but don't forget it's also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!! For those of you unfamiliar with this day, basically, you find a participating comic shop, and go in to get...


Weekend Warriors: Four-Twenty

Well, it's that special day. Every year, we celebrate and act like fools and someone inevitably complains for some reason. I don't see why anyone would have that much negativity to bring on such a fine day, but humans are weird like that. ...


Weekend Warriors: The Dead Get Left

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the best games to come out this entire generation, and only gets better with time. This is indisputable fact and if you try to say otherwise, I will ban your face clean off.** Dtoider PhilKenSebben realizes this, and...


Weekend Warriors: Curtains Up

Straight to bidness- is anyone hosting the fun & delightful Battleblock Theater? Because I heard it came out this week. It even made it into Friday Night Fights already! If you're not playing it (crazy,) Dtoider and notorious haunting sextc...


Weekend Warriors: A Break From Bioshock

Yeah; why not? Why not take a break from Bioshock Infinite? Soak in what you've already played and let it swirl around your brain. (But smurfee, how can it swim AND soak in? (Fuck you.)) In the meantime, play some other games with your fel...


Weekend Warriors: Scott Pilgrim VS St. Patrick

Scott Pilgrim VS The World: The Game FINALLY has its online play DLC. It of course includes a new character, but the pertinent part, for us, is the online multiplayer. It means SPVSTWTG can finally be included in our FNF/WW games! (If you'r...


Nintendo Friday Night Fights!

I'm posting this on my personal blog just this week. By next week, I'll have a Nintendo FNF account set up with pretty pictures & junk. This is the new all-inclusive Nintendo Friday Night Fights! Any games being hosted for the Wii, 3DS, o...


Weekend Warriors: AdBlock-free Edition

If you fine readers of Destructoid want to see Weekend Warriors continue as long as possible, please disable AdBlock when visiting my blog. If you want to see Weekend Warriors cease, visit the front page of Dtoid with Adblock turned off, an...


Weekend Warriors: Lazy Saturday Edition

What are you guys doing? Nothing? Just chillin'? Yeah; me, too. Feel free to host something if you play some games, though. That's a thing you could do. :) _______________________ A combination of the past weekend endeavors, which wer...


Weekend Warriors: Cool Edition

Screw the week. The weekend is so much cooler. It has leather jackets to prove it. All the cool people play videogames with fellow Destructoid members on the weekend, thus ensuring ultimate coolness. So come be cool with other cool folk and...


Weekend Warriors: It's Still Cold Edition

Well, isn't this something. This is going up at about... 5:00 p.m. my time. Sorry about that, folks. I woke up late and have been spring cleaning since then. I call it that, even though it's still technically less than freezing. My toes ar...


Weekend Warriors: Semi-specific Edition

Welcome, my hungover friends! This here is another edition of Weekend Warriors; the looser, better version of Friday Night Fights. This time, it looks like the 360 and PC are getting all the representation. Seeing as there was no PS3 post o...


Weekend Warriors: Puppy Bowl IX Edition

This weekend, most of the country, and even lots of the rest of the world, will no doubt be tuning in to watch Puppy Bowl IX. It happens every year, and even though many people think it's too violent, or the commercials are too expensive, o...


Weekend Warriors: Fight the System Edition

That system being the PS3. We're fighting the server maintenance and general down-ness with...more fighting! Trev decided he's not gonna take any of PSN's shit, and he's hosting another night's worth of games. So, with that already in pl...


Weekend Warriors: Mini Pre-series Edition

Hey there! Remember that whole thang? Well, it's probably time for it to happen again. Myself, and Phil-whatever-his-face have been busy, but we're gonna try to take another whack (HA HA!) at making this a regular thing. Basically, its' ...


Club Nintendo does some stuff (shortblog)

As evidenced by THIS. The commercial is very worth watching. I couldn't find a version for embedding, Sorry. It's for a new, exclusive to club members, Wiiware game featuring the Ultra Hand for some reason. Whether or not it's worth it is u...



Magneton (���A�R�C��, Reakoiru?, Rarecoil in original Japanese language versions) is composed of 3 Magnemite linked together by a strong magnetic force.[1] It levitates on an electromagnetic anti-gravity field like its pre-evolution, Magn...


Bill HB 353 = vetoed

I don't know wtf happened to my blog entry, so here's a shorter, lesser version. I live in Utah and we've had the pleasure of some JT politics recently. Bill HB 353, by Jack Thompson was a poorly written bill that was too broad, and opened...


FnF: Totally NOT ready to Friday

Yeah. Awesome. I was looking forward to FNF today. Possibly one of the biggest releases for the Xbox 360 came out this week. However, Microsoft hates every single one of it's customers and I'm no exception. I barely even got time with F...


The Start of the Affair-The Arcade

Now, I started playing games when I was incredibly young. The very first game, like some of you, was the Super Mario Bros./Duckhunt game. I fell in love with gaming right then & there. More Marios, Tetris, & Kid Icarus were to follow in my...


50 Cent II: Blood On the Sand-trailer

After some recent blogs about this game, there has been a few negative comments about it. (Mostly because the first game wasn't overly impressive, I know) But after the newest blog post by D-toid's very own Hamza CTZ Aziz, I actually h...


Happy Dolphin Day!

Not really game related, but I know some people on Destructoid have quite an affinity for dolphins; not to name names. So, who is our favorite dolphin here at Destructoid? if you don't know the answer to that, well... you should read more ...


The cake isn't a lie, but it sucks.

So yeah. i saw this video on G4 yesterday. It's another fine example of cool things the US can't do. I'm sure i could find a freedom to trade in so we can get rid of the FCC. I had to see it again, so i went ahead and found it. Unfortunate...


About smurfee mcgeeone of us since 3:36 PM on 01.06.2007

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Guess what? I like games.
Yes. So do you, if you're reading this.
Gamertag: smurfee mcgee --add me.
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Married to PhilKenSebben. We'll see for how long.

Games I'm currently playing:
-The Wonderful 101
-Metal Gear Solid
-Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
-XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Systems I own:
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Wii
Xbox 360
Nintendo DS
Nintendo 3DS
Playstation Vita
Nintendo 3DSXL
I've owned a lot, but sadly I didn't keep them. I also, up until 2007, had a PS2, but it DIED.
I just recently got an N64 again. Starting again from scratch.

Stuff I like:
anything that's fun, honestly. If it looks fun, I'll give it a go. I'm not biased towards one game type.
couple of favs:
MOST things Mario [read: Mario's Missing]
the Mega Man series.
Virtua Fighter
VS games
the Burnout series
Conker's Bad Fur Day [awesome]
Some monster truck game of which I can't remember the name
Ranbow Six series
Resident evil
So much. I won't post em' all, but so many.
A lot of retro-ish stuff, too.
ETERNAL DARKNESS-one of my favorite games. period.

I loved alot of my 64 games; wish I woulda kept em'
Actually, I should have kept a lot of my stuff. but I didn't.

I'm a big advocate for multiplayer; whether split-screen or otherwise. Even some sucky games can be fun with a friend.
I lost a big chunk of my game archives in 2005, but I'm too poor to completely rebuild it. Instead I just pick em' up on the cheap whenever I get the chance.

I'm a big arcade guy. I love em', and I wish they weren't disappearing.
Hopefully they won't.

Fun is fun.

Xbox LIVE:smurfee mcgee
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