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I've got @monkeyman85 on Cohost. Turns out I already had an account and I just forgot about it. Not much going on here, but it's another lifeboat I guess.


I've got @monkeyman85 on Cohost. Turns out I already had an account and I just forgot about it. Not much going on here, but it's another lifeboat I guess.


Huh. I wasn't quite feeling Starfield until the devs started describing their different playstyles and I got Deus Ex vibes. I really underestimated this game. And I didn't predict Fable being a murder giant-Richard Ayoade thing, but I'm glad it is.


Because I know it's about to get lost in the shuffle, I really have to recommend Age of Wonders 4. I got it this week to kill time b/f ToTK, but this is GOTY-contender stuff. Funnest strategy game I've played in a minute.


For those who peruse such things, my Music B-list blog for 2022 just dropped. As a treat, here's an honorable mention: YOD Wave by Your Old Droog.


Okay. After delaying it for so long, the music blogs for 2022 are finally going up this week. In fact, the Music A-list just published a second ago.


Happy Valentines Day, Dtoid! Let this double as my annual Charli video post. CW: strobing lights


Wow. Never got to play Prime before. Now I can do it easily whenever I want, and it was a surprise drop tonight. Yeah, that's a win in my book.


My end-of-year blogs are just starting to come out now. I didn't want to stress about getting them out and I have succeeded in that.


I was literally watching the Hi-Fi Rush announcement when I turn on my Xbox and went to new GamePass releases and whaaaaa?


Just when I thought I had all my Media Moments ducks in a row, Maria Becerra drops her album in December. LFG.


Hot take: I tried watching that Japanese "House" movie and couldn't stand it. I only made it 30-40 minutes before shutting it off. And that was my second attempt. I don't get it.


Some vibes for the weekend. Always remember to pay your taxes in Spain.


I started Beacon Pines last night and this is actually brilliant. This is such a good design for an adventure game. If you have GamePass, you really should try it.


I never even finished Octopath and I am sold on half-completing another one of those.


I'm glad Splatoon remembered the fans and made sure everything was still ocean puns. They're keeping it reef! Get it? I said REEF.


If I've seemed absent, it's because my computer is in the shop. I've had to watch the streams on Xbox, which was great until Live went down a few hours ago. The universe does not want me watching game shows right now. Wild.


How good am I at Elden Ring? Not enough to beat many bosses, but good enough to get to a lot of them and fill my map with skulls. I mean, that's still a crazy amount of gameplay. I could quit now and this is still a lock for Top-3 of 2022 guaranteed.


I just binged The Guardians of Justice and boy is it something that has to be seen to be believed. The way it's directed is totally nuts. It borrows from all kinds of things and yet manages to be unique. Everything is just...so much.


Having tried almost every class in Elden Ring, it's amazing how well my wretch file is going. Wretch is totally viable and good. I love how much this game lets you blow past a lot of combat and just explore. I'm kind of allowed to suck to an extent.


Alphadeus' song for me dropped and it's amazing. Seriously, well done! It's legendary but funky. Thank you so much.


I just finished Archive 81 on Netflix and highly recommend it. Also, the album Witness by VOLA, recommended to me by RiffRaff, is excellent.


PSA: On Switch, that House in Fate Morgana game finally went on sale. Guess I've got something to play in 2022.


2021 Music Honorable Mention: Screen Violence by Chvrches. The new Chvrches is horror movie themed, and results are great. You get really good writing that uses horror tropes really well with their usual great sound. CW: flashing lights here


If you're an adult film actress, after what was supposed to be a short afternoon nap you wake up in an almost completely darkened room that is only lit by a candle on a small table next to your bed....


2021 Music Honorable Mention: The Off Season by J. Cole. A very solid rap album.


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