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I love Armor Lock and everything it stands for

Playing Halo Reach online, if there was a point of contention about armor abilities is was Armor Lock. �I've heard it called "cheating", "for noobs" and strings of curses. �But why was that? �Well apparently "fair" in Halo meant the ability to kill people with the same number of bullets from the same guns in the same ways as in previous games. �So Armor Lock's terrible sin, it seemed, was disrupting this harmony and daring to force people to alter their rote-ass pattern. �It demanded that you, shocking I know, stop shooting for a damn second. �If you just waited, of course, Armor Lock was not only wasted, but a handicap.�

Then there was the charge that it required no skill. �Technically, pressing a button generally doesn't. �If you wanted to Armor Lock too early, and wait around for certain death, or try too late and die before it activated, then that didn't need any skill at all. �Failing at Armor Lock was easy as hell. �But Locking just before you get melee'd and coming back out to kill them instead, required timing. �Blocking a missile or wrecking a vehicle with Armor Lock required timing...or luck. �And that describes a whole lot of things in Halo, like shooting, or throwing grenades, which people also think is cheating. �Anything that disrupts a "combo" just plumb ain't fair it seems. �If that's your definition of unfair, bring on the cheating, say I.
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