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Rhods Recap : 20 Wonderful Things about 2014.

  Last week I did a rant about how 2014 was a banal year for gaming. This week I've decided to argue against myself and detail the magic little things about the year. A lot of the things on this list do relate to gaming/Destructoi...


Context : Who, When, Where, What the Funk?

  “I'm aware of the irony of providing some context to a blog titled context but please bear with me. I started writing this last week and got a ridiculous case of writers block and have come back to it this week, rewritten ...


Nintendo Direct : In the mood for love!

(Todays surprise Nintendo Direct has come to us through strange channels. Instead of the usual broadcasts to the internet and directly to the Wii U, it has been transmitted through the somewhat twisted psyche of Rowdy Rhod. He promises...


Into the darkness we are drawn.

  It's October. The days are getting shorter, the nights darker and Halloween is approaching. The time of year when we begin to openly celebrate the macabre, the gruesome, the twisted, and the deranged. A lot of us will watch horr...


No Sex Please, Were Video Games!

  In Britain there is an unspoken, but commonly known law which states that in no circumstances whatsoever will we talk about emotions. There is to be no chit chat about feelings and all conversation must primarily revolve around ...


Finding it hard to play with myself.

  In the comments section of my last blog, Dreamweaver suggested that I write a “10 things about you blog”. This was my initial plan, and the first idea that I had was to think of a video game character who was most li...


Am I Getting too old for this jazz?

Hi there. My Name's Rhod, I'm from Wales and welcome to my incredibly awkward first blog post where I will indeed tell you that I've been lurking on destructoid for years but have not really written anything ever. I do (surprise, ...


About rowdy rhodone of us since 11:44 AM on 05.11.2014

Hi there

Life long gamer here, and whilst I've dabbled with a few other consoles I've always been a Nintendo kid at heart.

I hail from the part of Britain where we are not only legally allowed but contractually obliged to love sheep.

I'm currently working my way back through the Wii Us games. Sadly it doesn't seem like its going to take too long. But at least theres gotta be more on the way right?

When i'm not gaming im probably pursuing other "geeky" pass times such as watching movies, reading, or going to concerts or WWE events.