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10 things you probably didn't know about Rowdy Rhod.



Hello! It's your resident neighbourhood rowdy, ranting, rambling man here, with a blog post that I started writing over 2 weeks ago, before I managed to ramble on for far too long about the first thing on the list, until it somehow managed to turned into a whole article. I'm going to try and get to the end this time, so hopefully there's no squirrels or cats outside the window to distract me.


1. As I've implicated in the above paragraph, my mind tends to ramble, and I have a difficult time trying to maintain a chain of thought for a long time. I will start doing something and then halfway through get distracted very quickly and look for something more immediate. I get the feeling this may come across in my blogs so apologies beforehand if they start getting random or inane.


2.I have come to realise that I have an addictive personality. From small things like Mountain Dew or certain brands of food, to big things, such as cigarettes or alcohol, without controlling myself I know I can get easily addicted to things. I think part of the reason I love video games so much is that I can safely play them for hours at a time without it really having any negative impact on my health or life.

3.I am a saint compared to what I used to be like. In my old age, I am now wiser and less likely to look for immediate gratification. I no longer drink or smoke, and have even given up drinking Mountain Dew recently. In my younger days I would say that I probably lit the candle from both ends for too long, and so I think I've probably learnt from my mistakes.


4. I have a degree in Film and TV production. Whilst its not a field I can envisage myself trying to get into, learning about all elements of these media forms was certainly an eye opening experience, and has given me a lot of respect for people who do work in the Media. I looked online to see if I could find something good which I made during this time but couldn't find anything really. Instead here is a link for possibly the worst “first student movie” ever made. Be warned! It is terrible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnygBSAsHI4

5.Here are five top 5 lists to illustrate my tastes. Top 5 Movies, 1) Drive, 2) The Warriors, 3) Dawn of the Dead, 4) Purple Rain, 5) Fight Club. Top 5 musicians/bands 1) Manic Street Preachers, 2) Prince, 3) Frank Zappa, 4)The Prodigy, 5) Faith No More. Top 5 Video games 1) The Last of Us, 2) Super Mario Brothers, 3) Mega Man 2, 4) Fifa 2010, 5) Killzone 2. Top 5 TV shows, 1) Game of Thrones, 2) Shooting Stars, 3) The X Files 4)WWE Raw 5)Boardwalk Empire, Top 5 Consoles 1) Nintendo 64, 2) Nintendo Wii U, 3) Super Nintendo, 4) Nintendo Entertainment System, 5) Playstation 3.


6. I used to co present a radio show for my universities radio station. It was an awesome experience and led to some other local presenting roles, and we also got to DJ some night clubs. Like most media productions I've been involves with there was drama behind the scenes, and the show eventually got pulled. Even though I have no contact with, and probably never will have contact with the trouble makers again, when I think of the show I always mutter under my breath “I will have my revenge”

7. Like many men children I have a huge love for pro wrestling. Watching the “fake sport where men pretend to hurt each other” has been a big part of my life for a number of years and I still keep up to date with the WWE now. I attend live events when they come to Wales and while I know It's preposterous at best I think I'll always have a place in my heart for it. Even if John Cena keeps Winning.


8. I support Aston Villa football club, despite the fact that I am not from Aston, Birmingham or anywhere near. This is partially due to the fact that they were probably the closest team to Wales when I was a young'un, partially due to the fact I've lived with and liked a lot of Brummies in my life, and also down to the fact that most Villa fans have a self depreciating sense of humour when it comes to the club. It is certainly not to do with quality of football we play.

9. I have recently condensed my working week into a crazy short amount of time. Basically I start Monday Evening and have finished by Thursday Morning. Whilst I may need to sleep a bit the first day it's given me the best work life balance I've ever had and given me much more spare time to enjoy my pastimes. Yay for Condensed working week.

10. I am absolutely loving writing these blogs and getting involved with the dtoid community. It's the first writing I've done in years, and it has been so awesome getting you guys feedback. I think I've previously mentioned that I've lurked on the site for a while now, but its been so nice talking to you, and giving something back (even if it is just rambling nonsensically). I look forward to getting to know you all more and thanks for taking the time to read this.



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