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You should be ashamed of yourself for not buying [this game]? Yeah right!

I'm tired of this happening. In a recent article on 1up, recent meaning a month ago, an editor posted about Retro Game Challenge. Shaming the reader for not buying it. Guess what cocksucker? I bought my copy brand new. And the sequel still didn't come out. I told all my friends to buy it. At least two of you did for sure. And still that sequel ain't coming out. You know whose fault it is? It ain't mine. It ain't my two readers who bought the game. It's the companies. That's right. I'm looking at you X-Seed and I'm shacking my finger in your face!

I made a rule this year. I want to only buy five games total. Five games. Not counting downloadable games for some reason. Maybe because they don't clutter like physical games do. Five games. That's all I'm wanting. I've already bought one (Guardian Heroes) of these games and plan on picking up Yakuza 3 and the new Megaten. The question is, will I do this? Can I stick to my five game rule? Will I buy these two games? After playing the DS game, I really want it. I've not finished Yakuza 1 or 2, so why buy 3? If only to have it laugh at me like Persona 4 does. For months it laughed from its plastic. Now it, Devil Summoner 2, and Digital Devil Saga 2 all laugh at me. Just like in Carrie.

Anyone feel this conflicted?
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