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Throwing Away Games

I prefer to own. I don't know why. Despite my love of emulation, and I love it, I want a game in my hands. A real game. That's why I always feel stupid buying digital games. I can't loan it out. I can't re-sell it. But I can still lose it and never be able to have it again. I couldn't tell you the passwords to my xbox live account. Once something happens to erase it on my 360, I'm screwed. But my nintendo and sega games are always there in a box, waiting to be pulled out and played years later.

A friend of mine wrote some about used games. I always buy used games. It's cheaper, and I'm a cheap person. My beloved Hot Fries cost only a dollar a bag. I tend to save money relentlessly. I'll snoop around for the best deals for hours if I'm not careful. Rarely these days does a game really need me to buy it on day one. Atlus games. marvel alliance, Resident Evil 5, that's about it. That's all I've bought this year on day one. Aside from some download games. This particular article talks about something I wanted to mention something my game, or our game, pointed out a little of. Yeah that's right I put some thought in THAT game. Sorry it wasn't just a long dick joke.

That people just throw away games. Maybe not actually throw them away. But sell them. Trade them. Pass them off. I don't mind loaning a game out, but I always want it back. Even if I never get it back like my copy of Zombies Ate My Neighbors my half brother borrowed in 1996, I'm still missing it. My copy of the first Suikoden my cousin borrowed. Battletoads in Battlemaniacs the neighbours borrowed and never returned. These are things that stick with me. But that's just me. I actually care about my games. Even ones I've rented and enjoyed. If only I can go back in time and buy all the great nintendo games that meant something to me. The games themselves are replaceable, but those particular copies of those games not so much.

One such trophy I have is my Darkwing Duck. When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time at the video store. I loved renting VHS tapes. I could pick all these movies, usually shlocky B movies. The guy who worked there had a ton of those expensive statues that nerds buy. Predator, Alien, and my favorite, The Punisher. At a certain point my father suggested to the guy he should rent out video games instead of just VHS. Well sure enough, some nintendo games suddenly had a section. What's even cooler is that place eventually turned more towards comic books during that whole thing, but unfortunately the store moved to one of the Carolinas. Far away from my humble town. So my memories of the Emporium, that's the name of the place, are very fond. One of the games I rented there was Darkwing Duck. A few years after that a friend would bring over his old games and we would play them (since new games sucked then too :p) and one game was Darkwing Duck. I forget exactly what I traded him for this, but this copy - wait I think I got it. That kid moved away and I had borrowed this off him. Uh oh, now I feel all guilty. Anyway, but this copy had a sticker on the back. The sticker that the emporium used for its tapes. This is the copy I rented. It means something to me. I don't know why I'm so sentimental.

[At press time the camera was unavailable to use, imagine it here - editor]

I've a cousin, Josh, he's a great guy. Always a good friend of mine. But when we were kids, his mother insisted that he sell all his games if he wanted new ones. I was always puzzled by that. How can you just sell off your games? Don't you want to play the old ones anymore? I'm a big insister on replaying games. Even one's that I recieved randomly as gifts like Ball Busters, yes Ball Busters on PS1 is a real game, at some point I'd like to find where I put that and play it for a laugh. But Josh? He can't play his Super Nintendo Aladdin ever again. Or his copy of Dracula. Furthermore, I wonder if he even recalls having Dracula. Or Cool World. But for some reason I do. I recall all the games he had, I had, our other friends had. He sold all his off and got the next thing, until he's moved on to the next thing. No one attaches any memory or value to these games but me it seems.

"Did you just mention Resident Evil 5? I almost traded that in for five bucks today. I decided not to becuase I liked it." - Waiter in local resteraunt I frequent, Saturday, November 28th, 2009. I recall the date because it was yesterday. At least I'm writing this on that day. I had mentioned wanting to play through the hard setting. That on my vacation I wanted to play that with a friend all the way through. Since I rarely play it and did like it, despite feeling it wasn't as good as the previous one. It still means a lot to me. I still can harken back to that day where me and many of my friends had our minds blown by the first game. My cousin Josh among them. I can't help but think of that. It's what video games do for me. I don't want to be the greatest at a particular game. I don't want to have the newest and best game. I don't want games that are just stupid hard. I want to play games that take me back to being a kid. And all my old games are still with me, almost.

Knowing that I'm missing my copy of Roger Rabbit on Nintendo is really haunting me. I'm not a collector. I don't have shelfs upon shelfs. I have thirty seven according to my backloggery. That's all I own. Each of these means more to me than any photograph or old song could ever mean to someone else. This is my childhood. My Mario with the price tag still on it from a yard sell. My werewolf, a game no one ever played. All this stuff. This is me. Strangely, unless I've hooked up my nintendo and am on a playing spree, these are all in the closet. With all my other games. If I care so much, why do I keep them in there?

Oh and one last note, my copy of Suikoden I got off Josh for ten dollars. If I ever get it back off my other friend, I'll never sell it, but definitly will play it for the eighth or tenth time all the way through.
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