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I'm Miles. I've been playing and collecting video games for my entire life. I can't exactly remember the first experience with playing video games, I believe it to be something involving the Atari 2600 my Mother owned or some coin-op game at Showbiz Pizza. I do remember, my first NES gaming experience. I remember my Mother renting an NES for the weekend, she had rented to specific games. One, being the Addams Family game (an excruciatingly hard game for a person of any age) and the other being Tiny Toons Adventures. On that day in particular, I was dressed as a Cowboy for Vaction Bible School (I cringed too), so if you can imagine a surreal portrait of a little Cowboy poorly controlling an 8-bit Raul Julia while looking between his controller and knob T.V., you have my first dive into the gaming realm. I'll try to dig up a photo somewhere. Possible header material.

Eventually,I owned my very own NES. I stuck a Metroid II holographic sticker on the side of it to personalize it (also because I just collected stickers and would stick them everywhere). I would rent a game on the weekends and was always determined to beat them before the small rental window was over. Thank Galoob for Game Genie. I started amassing my game collection from garage sales, store closings, birthdays/holidays, swapping out with friends. I was always fascinated with what my little gray machine could produce.

One birthday, as a terrible gag gift, my Mom presented me with a game in front of all of my friends. A sealed copy of Barbie for the NES. I was beyond embarrassed. I went as far as to hide it immediately after tearing the wrapping paper. My Mom got a good laugh at my expense on that day. I thought I had finally rid myself of the joke, until a few weeks later when I found Barbie in my little white drawer of video games, with my name and phone number written in permanent maker on the cartridge. As if I would even want the game returned to me if presumed missing. I confronted my Mom, saying that she could stop her little joke, because I was going to play Barbie, once and for all. I popped it in, fired on the NES, and let myself be taken to Barbie's series of dreams. I went clothes shopping, I worked in a Soda Shop, I went swimming with Sea Turtles as a Mermaid, and I even conquered the terrible Dance Hall level that demanded precise jumping and punished your mistake by sending you to the beginning of the level if you fell. It went okay, to say the very least. My Mom left it the Barbie teasing alone and even encouraged my gaming habit.I'll never forget spending a night talking to a video game hotline after we found that my copy of Startropics was missing the special note "747". I think they charged by the minute too. After the Barbie experience, I decided that I could find something I liked in just about every game I had played since. I hold no reservations about the type of game I choose to play and I'm glad I do, because I would have missed out on so many great games.