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CBlogs of 01/10/2008 + Sykisms

First up, what the fuck Reaprar. 2 missed recaps in a row. I apologise to everyone who writes blogs on Tuesday and has them go unrecapped. Onto Wednesday's blogs. WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE BEES!! Live was down today, the WAAAAHHHHHmbula...


European VC Update: Fapfapfapfapfap Fapdition

3 games, I think we all know what we're here for though. Game 1 - Helix Ghostface - ? Points Don't know how much this costs, but its dancing with robots. Can't really go wrong. Game 2 - Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People Episod...


CBlogs of 24/09/2008 + Sykisms

Right, Reaprar is a staggering bucket of fail and cack so yesterday had no recap. I'm not covering his cock-ups, so no double recap I'm afraid. I don't have enough cider for that. The Colecovision is better than all 3 consoles, FACT (tho...


European VC Update: Back To My Roots Edition

Every game on the Virtual Console is a reminder of gaming's past. Some of these games hold special meaning for us all as a collective while some are among the greatest games of all time. 1 of today's games is where it all began for me, the ...


CBlogs of 17/09/2008 + Sykisms

This wall of text deserves your time, I LOL'd I'm already planning one of these with Jim Sterling Some good can come out of the Soulja Boy/Braid video Brilliam responds to comments on his Gamer Hate musing I like Gamestop hate, as we don'...


NJ Reviews: Bomberman Blast

Title: Bomberman Blast Format: WiiWare Price: 1000 Wii Points (£7) This is how 97% of your games will look, and they will all be awesome Reviewing Bomberman games got hard around Super Bomberman when the game mechanics were so set in st...


European WiiWare Update - I'm A Dick Edition

OK, I was in the process of posting this yesterday after writing the post itselfat work. However I was so tired after work I was struggling to even get a copy-pasta going. You have my apologies so here are the games we got yesterday if you ...


CBlogs of 10/09/2008 + Sykisms

New picks banner comes courtesy of the excellent Nintendoll who has your recaps on Friday. Here's what made today while I could stay awake. Clance wrote a good letter to The Sun, shame it'll be ignored due to being a good letter. Sent to...


European VC Update: Did I Mention My TG-16 Edition?

Did I mention I had a Turbografx-16? Yes? OK then, I'm still a bit giddy, I get a jump in my pants whenever I look up and see it sitting there, HuCard on top and single controller port empty because otherwise my nephew will drag the thing o...


A True Start To A Console Collection

A few weeks ago I parted with £9 and picked up a Neo Geo Pocket Colour, I then ebayed Dark Mist and Sonic Pocket for it and played the hell out of them. Well, Sonic anyway. Dark Mist has yet to be started, I'll correct that at some point. ...


CBlogs of 02/09/2008 + Sykisms

While PAX was no doubt awesome and most enforcers were cool, lets not forget what happens when you give geeks power Warning: Ceark's PAX recap may cause insane jealousy if you weren't there While everyone else hates on levels and mechanics...


CBlogs of 26/08/2008 + NJisms? Sykisms?

And so, like a blood stained Phoenix rising from a bad metaphor, the c-blog recaps slowly splutter back into life, led by a new breed of community heroes with way too much time on their hands. I've chosen to try my hand at it, for Tuesday a...


Buzz! The Destructoid Quiz! Taking A Break

After 6 weeks of tirelessly trawling the c-blogs searching for good, challenging questions that don't all equal "Who wrote about this?" I feel its time to give myself a break from the quiz. The quiz will return in a few weeks time. So in...


European VC Update: BEST WEEK EVER!!

One game returns to the VC for good and one game comes to bring joy and glory to all who sail in her. You'll need 1,500 points this week because both games are cast iron buys. Game 1 - Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels NES - 600 Points An...


Buzz!: The Destructoid Quiz! Week 6!

Who missed a trick with his noodles? Who came from a yard sale? Who fell asleep yesterday before posting this resulting in him having to sit down and get it posted today? Yes, it may be a day late but its still the Destructoid Quiz! Th...


European WiiWare Update - Dear Strong Bad Edition

Its WiiWare week! Usually this brings the sort of begrudging indifference that turns me into something like a cross between Rev Anthony and Topher when Bliss Island 2 comes out. However this week brings the first WiiWare game I've been genu...


5 Reasons: London 2012

The 29th Olympic Games are currently taking place in Beijing, China. You may have noticed. In 4 years time the games will be coming to my home country, giving me what will likely be the only chance I'll ever have to see the games in person....


Buzz! The Destructoid Quiz! Week 5!

You know, I'm running out of jokes for these now Who have I made a hilarious beastiality joke about? Who was snuggling up to Overlord? Whose whinging got him raped? Yes its Sunday and time for the Destructoid Quiz powered by Buzz Quiz ...


European VC Update: Calling Mr Concelmo Edition

This week's quartet of games comes to you courtesy of a Nintendo picking committee who seem to have remembered what a good game is. Game 1 - Splatterhouse 2 Mega Drive - 800 Points And this game sets a new landmark for the Virtual Console...


5 Reasons: Eternity's Child

Hey, you see that can of worms over there? The one the rest of Destructoid has left alone to rot in its own soil? Yeah I'm gonna prise that thing wide open again. After last week you may have dismissed the WiiWare version of Eternity's Chi...


Buzz!: The Destructoid Quiz! Week 4!

Seriously, can we give that quote a rest? Who was raped by the c-blogs? Which Soul Calibur character's a cheap fag? Which custom creation might go 'Ni'? Isn't it amazing how a month flies by so quickly. 4 weeks of c-blogs have passed a...


European WiiWare Update - Playing SC4 Edition

The Apprentice is cheap as fuck. If you're using him on a regular basis then know that I hate you and everyone related to you and that given the chance I'll hunt you down with the nearest sharp object. So, Soul Calibur 4 critique over (exp...


5 Reasons: Midnight Club LA

OK, I get it. No-one on the internet likes Guitar Hero because why would you play a Guitar Hero game when you could play Rock Band with that horrible, horrible guitar. Fuck Rock Band. And I can say that as someone who was playing with the d...


Buzz!: The Destructoid Quiz! Week 3!

Who summoned the dancing nuns? What did Coonskin drag out of IRC? Which European lost his laptop? Its Buzz time again for the Destructoid Quiz! 8 questions covering the week including bonus categories FNF and NVGR! For more advice on the...


5 Reasons: Guitar Hero World Tour

After my LittleBigPlanet post last week I thought 'I know, lets make this a series' given that the basic foundation was sound. So every Wednesday I'll give you 5 reasons why I'm excited for a game and why you should be too. So we're startin...


E3: Can We Go Back 2 Years?

"I hate E3 like this, either we need to go back to the old E3, or we'll have to have our own private events." John Riccitiello - EA ""E3 this year is terrible. The world used to come to E3. Now it's like a pipe-fitters show in the basement...


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