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Hey Dtoid, Won't You Look At My Crib? (PICTURE HEAVY)

Hey Destructoid, I've never posted a crib blog before and I've been hesitant about posting about my new place since my room here is still an incredible mess. But to hell with it I thought! Gamer's rooms are supposed to be untidy dammit!

Lets start with figures, I have 2 Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora figures. One of them stands on my windowsill, guarding my speakers with Rinoa. Also there's my Special Edition Street Fighter 4 box.

More figures, my other Sora figure along with Final Fantasy 12's Vaan, Card Captor Sakura and the obligatory Hatsune Miku figure. Also the craptastic SF4 figures and a very badly painted Airfix rally car.

Boxes. Every box goes in this corner, see how many you can spot.

My Ocarina smashed during a moving operation a few years ago. Its still playable, but playing it isn't the most pleasurable thing in the world. Also there's my copy of Sonic Pocket Adventure for the Neo Geo Pocket Colour.

My Keyblade got broken when I took it to Canada, it has a piece of wood wedged in the middle to enable it to unscrew into 2 bits. Also there's a geek requirement, my copy of Watchmen in the bottom corner.

Corner shelf thing, used to store any games I have no specific place for, but don't want in the stacks. A few Xbox and N64 games there right now. That plastic sleeve disc is a promotional copy of Singstar vol.2 I got. I love Singstar.

Geek requirement. Dreamcast. Not hooked up due to me not knowing where its power cable is right now so it shares with the PS2. PS2's hooked up right now.

I have 3, count 'em 3 fake guitars! The older one is my original Guitar Hero PS2 controller. Also a few plushies, Sora and Roxas from Kingdom Hearts and I think Mario is just visible as well.

More fake guitar, I use this one most. Also there's the almighty stacks. All my manga, CDs and portable games are in there right now.

A bit more stack action.

CONSOLES!! There's the Persona 4 machine, the waggle box, the red ring generator and the Killzone 2 player. Oh and those discs there, full of porn.

Geek requirement, NERF gun. Also doubles as my Wii lightgun shell.

The controller drawer, how many can you spot?

A poster wall, included to show off those sweet Star Ocean and Chrono Trigger promo posters. Also there's the poster from the final level in House of the Dead Overkill.

A prized possession, the first time I went to Canada my friends there gave me this flag signed by all of them. It's hung pride of place in my room ever since.

GAMECUBE!! This stack of games triggered what will be my hell for this year. NJ vs JRPGs. 3 of those games are in here.

PS2, 6 of the unfinished JRPGs reside in this box. Most of my treasured lightgun games are in here too.

In this photo, along with my anime DVDs is the first Xbox 360 game I ever bought. Bioshock. Also you see that Sonic Underground boxset? Yeeeeaaahhhhh!!

Wii and PS3 games go here.

Finally here's the list. This is on the wall right by my TV to remind me of my burden.
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