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Random Babbling: Vidergaums Edition

First off, hello! Welcome to me deciding to ramble on for no reason! This is gonna be fun and get funky fresh! Possibly. Maybe I'll say something interesting to you! Maybe I won't! But that's part of the adventure! Anywho, onto the rambling...

I beat Analogue: A Hate Story last night and found all 5 endings (might do a little more playing of it, just to get the other chevos and extra content I missed.) I was really captivated by it, and the story was very interesting. The vast differences of Hyun-ae and Mute really fleshed out the story and gave a sense of personality to the logs you would dig up in the game. Overall, it was a very good Visual Novel and I can't wait to see what else Love (the game's creator; if you want to find out more about her, she was on an episode of Sup, Holmes) will make. Also, the soundtrack was amazing, and really set the ambiance quite nicely. I'm glad to have it.

Speaking of Visual Novels, I spontaneously decided to make one of my own. I'm mostly learning Ren'Py (a visual novel maker) so I can do justice to my story and instead of just throwing it in a heap and calling it done. I don't want to spoil too much for you guys right now, just know it's about hard choices and has a heavier emphasis on sound rather then graphics. The title is "In Three Words" and will be free when I release it (I guess you could always donate money to me or something if you like it, but I'd rather you sent that money to charity or something. I mean, I can't stop you, but... I'm just kidding, I don't expect any money to come out of this. I just hope people like it.). To get you in the mood of the game, I've decided on the game's main menu theme. Take a look at it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ann0kGtk1mI .

I'm actually listening to that album right now, and it's really good! I'm a pretty big Vocaloid fan, and have been listening to a heavy amount of Vocaloid stuff lately. I actually got into Hatsune Miku and the gang from an indirect recommendation on Scissors' backloggery of Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd. I was in need of a good rhythm game for my PSP, so I decided to try it! To speed up the story, I loved it and began to search out for other Hatsune Miku songs. I eventually branched off from just Miku to all the Vocaloids, but that was a process in itself. There's so much Vocaloid stuff out there, I'm constantly finding new stuff all of the time. I still play Project Diva a lot, but I've had to restart my process (after accidentally deleting my save in Half-Minute Hero 2 :l). Recently picked up some DLC for Project Diva after I found out there was iDOLM@STER DLC for it and have been playing that stuff recently.

I actually bought The iDOLM@STER 2 for the PS3 from Play-Asia a few days ago (I now have no monies...), so I can't wait for that to come in the mail! I became a fan of iM@S stuff after playing the fan translated PSP one right after I beat Project Diva. To best sum it up, the game is a simulation game with rhythm game elements splashed throughout. You pick the idol you want, and then strive to make her the best she can possibly be. Failure is an interesting concept in this game, because you still progress even after failing events. Game play is done on a week by week basis, so if you screw up one week, you better do all you can next week if you want your idol to get anywhere. It's weird, the game really made me feel bad when I failed and made me want to improve. I felt determined to do the best for Haruka (she was the idol I picked, and has been my favorite since the beginning!), and make her top idol. The story isn't that deep and the gameplay of the one I played wasn't just stand out fantastic, but it's really engaging for some reason I haven't quite placed my finger on. So after beating that game, I decided to watch the anime, which is based off the events of the second game, and loved every minute of it. It was very well done, and very true to the individual characters. I'm going to lose a lot of the story playing 2, but hopefully there are enough translated videos online so I can get the most out of scripted events. Luckily, they improved the actual gameplay tenfold so that part is a lot more enjoyable now. I know I'll have a great time with it, I just wish it was in english :P

It's a shame there are so many series that never get localized or ever get to see the light of day in another country. There's always importing, but that can be expensive and story heavy games will be almost unplayable. I'm really thankful for fan translation, and it always warms my heart to be able to play something that I've been wanting to play for a while, but couldn't fully enjoy without knowing what was being said. Currently waiting for Captain Rainbow, Segagaga, and Moon RPG to finish their translations.
Can't wait to play those (hopefully they get finished!).

Oh yeah, this is the part where I tell you imports that you probably haven't heard of that you should play. Some of my favorites are ChainDive, Umihara Kawase Shun, the Kururin series (Nintendo better release a new one for the WiiU), and the Vib-Ribbon series (my personal favorite is Mojib-Ribbon). There are a bunch more I probably could talk about, but that's probably enough for a whole blog, which I might make at a different time, who knows.

GET SUPER HEXAGON, LOVE SUPER HEXAGON, LOVE TERRY. Currently working on beating all the hyper modes (only have beaten Hard, Harder, and Hardest). That's about it for this one. Sorry :P

I beat McPixel, that was great, go buy it as well and laugh your head off.

It seems I'm about done here. This was fun guys, hope I can do this kind-of thing again. You guys should talk about things in the comments, and then we can have more random conversations to add to the random babbling. See you next time (or if you ask me a question, I guess)!
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