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Surgery Games (not games about surgery)

So I was looking over my portable gaming library and thinking about my upcoming surgery (gastric bypass), which will be happening in less than two weeks, and I'm thinking that I need to grab a few more games to keep myself busy while I heal...


Modern Warfare 2 Viral Video Didn't Make Me Gay...

...and by gay I mean happy. I've got to talk about this crap and get it off my chest. We all know the situation, they made a viral video, last five seconds it says that it was brought to you by Fight Against Grenade Spam blah blah blah I ...


Noby Noby Boy: Where is Girl going?

If you haven't played Noby Noby Boy, you may want to step out, as we'll be discussing stuff that you'll probably want to discover on your own. Ok, now that we have that out of the way, I want to talk about the Girl character in Noby Noby...


WTF? Noby Noby Boy Eats Time?

Apparently, not only does Noby Noby Boy, the new PSN game by the designer of Katamari, eat weird looking people and giant basketballs and reindeer and robots, but he eats time too. You'll have to excuse me, much of what I am about to say ...


A Time to Destroy: From Road Rash to Pain

I can't think of many games that COMPLETELY revolve around the idea of destruction. I guess this is because it's really hard to frame a story around the act of destroying things and not have any building or collecting to go along with it....


NARPs @ HOME (PS3 HOME, that is)

Yesterday I posted a blog about how I made a Destructoid clubhouse as a tester for the home beta. Why destructoid? It was the first thing I thought of. Plus, I realized it would have a whole lot more members than, say, a Tom Waits or Mario ...


Playstation Home Destructoid Fan Club

To test out the Club feature in the PS3 Home Beta, which just got an upgrade, I decided to make a Clubhouse for dtoid fans. If you want to hang out in the dtoid clubhouse, just add me psn: NEScrozen and I will send you an invite. Also ano...


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Hi! I'm Justin Day, but most folks just call me Jay.

I'm a professional photographer in the Greater Cincinnati area. I'm well known for my work with local cosplay artists as well as dabbling in street photography and other artistic endeavors.

In my spare time I write genre fiction that I self publish. I enjoy experimental photography, video games, collecting VHS tapes, keeping a garden, painting, lifting weights and taking care of my two dogs.

Here is an example of my photography:

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For more of my work, fell free to visit my Deviant Art Page here: https://photographs-by-day.deviantart.com

Of if you are looking for someone to fill your photography needs, check out my portfolio here: https://photographsbyday.com

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