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Lamenting on Disaster, Chrono Trigger (with spoilers)

I meant to post this last week when Nintendo had their special event, but I like many people was completely distracted by all the Mario Galaxy and Brawl videos that it slipped my mind.

What got kind of buried under the radar was some new screenshots of Disaster: Day of Crisis. They appeared in a few places like Kotaku and I think here too, but seems to be ignored by most people, including Nintendo themselves. In light of all of this I have to say this:


I'm kind of preaching to the choir in this, but I find it so disheartening that Nintendo is downplaying their only new IP this generation for the hardcore gamer (since HAMMER has been cancelled), in favor of showing off Wii Fit some more. I know they are trying to expand the gaming audience, and I fully support it. However, if Nintendo values the "hardcore gamer" as much as they claim, why didn't they hype this game more? I'm sure there are plenty of people who think this game is vaporware. There isn't much information about this game, but it at least has the potential to be very good and caters to the audience that frequents places like this.

Nintendo, you say one thing and do another, what gives?

On a completely un-related note, I did a run-through of Chrono Trigger recently in light of the new re-translation. I've been on a huge kick learning every detail about the story and the universe; I've wanted to understand the story as best as I can! I know Ted Woosley had some obscenely short amount of time to localize the original and I thought some of my confusion to the story (which was fueled even more with Chrono Cross) I was hoping for answers.

Unfortunately the translation didn't make the events in Chrono Cross make any more sense.

I still wonder what really happened with Schala (Sara) in Chrono Trigger. Chrono Cross explains that she merges with Lavos and somehow is able to clone herself to make Kid. When and how did she merge with Lavos? If it was after Chrono and the gang fought him, why didn't we see her? If it was after she disappears at the bottom of the Ocean Palace, why didn't we see her when we fought Lavos? What happened to Chrono and Marle? They're dead by Chrono Cross but there is no explanation as to why.

How does Robo still exist and remember the events to Chrono Trigger when he returns to his time in 2300? I also hated what happened to him in Chrono Cross. Did the queen of Zeal die? What happened to Dalton?

If I said anything that was wrong in the plot I would like some enlightenment. I think Chrono Cross ruined everything, but maybe I missed something the story. Chrono Trigger is my all-time favorite game, and I felt like there were so many things unanswered, but none of them were answered very clearly.
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