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Back on the sauce (AKA Playing Puzzle Quest)

I'm sick. I don't know what is causing me to be sick, but I have had a fever that has been coming and going all week, sore throat, dizziness, tiredness, the works. This illness has been draining my life away. So since I need to rest and lay low, I've been trying to find something to do. I got some XBLA points and I bought Puzzle Quest.

I rented it on the PSP when it came out last March and had a strong love/hate relationship with the game. I hated every last bit of it, but I couldn't stop playing it. The more I died, the more I wanted to try again. I spent hours upon hours on the game. When I finished it, I wanted to play it again. When I heard it was coming out on the XBox 360 I decided I would support the game by actually purchasing it this time.

To make matters worse, the only reason why I've taken a break from playing the game is because I've gotten my fiancee hooked on the game. He wanted to be able to see it on a bigger screen before trying it out, which I can't say I blame him. Oh well, I now have time to write on my Destructoid blog about my sickness and love of Puzzle Quest.

I have to say playing through it a second time I am enjoying it a lot more. The side quests involving capturing enemies, mounts, and building up skills adds so much replay value. I'm wondering how I missed all that the last time I played through the game. Since I've had more practice I can prevent the AI from doing so many cheap combos compared to my first play-through. I love those cheap bastards.

Do any of you folks out there have a love/hate relationship with a game? Does it change over time?


I need some sleep, and to not have a temperature of 100 degrees...
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