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QUICK REVIEW: Persona 5 The Animation - Episode 0. A great introduction to the themes and cast of Persona 5, as well as giving us a quick snippet of how the thieving of hearts actually works. Great animation and jazzy soundtrack!! Hype intensifies. ^_^


NEWS: 'Persona 5 The Animation - Episode 0' up now on Crunchyroll simulcast. Whoooo!


Just heard a leak that apparently Demon's Souls Remastered will be announced at E3 for PS4! GET HYPE!!


I watched this the other night and was blown away! Demon's Souls edited into a film - highly recommend you check it out if you love 'Souls.


Playing through 'Hyrule Warriors Legends' has got me thinking; with Nintendo willing to cross-over the Zelda franchise, and From Software happy to work with platform holders (like Sony)... imagine how *awesome* a From produced Zelda title would be! Agree?


Tonight I decided to try blogging for the first time in months, and have a fully written review of Salt and Sanctuary - currently stuck in limbo!!I get a 404 error after Capcha and so can't post it!! Suggestions anyone?


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Videogames have come a long way since the 8-bit and 16-bit days of old, and it is now one of the most interesting and constantly-evolving storytelling mediums. I started blogging about videogames a few years ago because I am very passionate about certain experiences I've had, which I don't think could have existed outside of our unique hobby, and I wanted to share this with other like-minded people on the internet.

I'm based in the UK and my favourite videogame of all time is probably still Shadow of the Colossus, but other more recent games such as the impeccable Dark Souls and Journey have given it a run for its money. My other interests, and things I have blogged extensively about, are board games and Japanese anime. I've got a degree in Media Communications and Film, and I'm currently a Teacher of ICT.

I post fairly regularly on my personal blog at https://n0timportant.blogspot.co.uk/, so please visit there for legacy videogame reviews and articles on anime, boardgames, etc.