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I have deleted my credit card information from Steam in an effort to stop myself from wasting money on kneejerk purchases of games I lose interest in after a minute.


I wonder who would win in a four way fistfight between Dr. Strange, Dr. Strangelove, Dr. Questlove, and Dr. Quest.


Holy shit, Amphibia is ending tomorrow.


I beat and saw the credits for Hades! Hot damn that was one of the most satisfying endings I've experienced in a video game in recent memory.


Every day, you're Safer with Google. Every day, you're only Safer with Google. Every day, you're only Safe with Google. To day, you're Safe with Google.


The only way to get an earworm out is to pass it along to someone else.


I wonder if there is a way to combine pizza with chicken tikki masala.


I was trying to figure out who is the best mom in video games and the best I could come up with is Mad Moxxi from Borderlands, whom I guess is a decent candidate.


I quit my allegedly-but-not-really temp job! Technically I gave my two weeks notice two weeks ago but today was my last day. I'm unemployed again!


I'm bored! Should I take a risk and buy Citizen Sleeper even though it just came out?


In light of the Square-Enix news I thought we should look back on one of their recent successes.


Hey! Hey, fuck these guys.


I've done everything I can in Planet Crafter unless I want to do a lot of tedious grinding, and I still haven't beaten it yet. That's what I get for playing through an early access game.


Dear Destructoid: If I see an ad for Piers Morgan on your website on my phone again we're going to have serious problems.


I wanted to agree with YMS on his Lion King video but he just nitpicked so damn much that I couldn't stand it.


What game that I have not played yet has the most interesting and memorable characters?


I have decided to stop playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I feel like I was just playing because of momentum and I don't want to start resenting it, especially since the sequel is coming out in a few months.


If I've learned anything from buying dumb crap off of Etsy, it's that resin is kind of lame.


I liked the Planet Crafter demo, but I don't want to buy the game as long as it's still in early access. I hope they hurry up.


I wonder if Bomberman 64 still holds up.


I've been reading a couple of "so bad it's good" movie lists and I noticed two things: a lot of them plagiarize each other, and none of them have "Street Fighter" on them, invalidating them all.


Happy ten-year anniversary, Legend of Korra. You weren't great, but you weren't bad either, and you made my ship canon when I thought no children's cartoon would have the guts to do that.


Torture Star Video and Puppet Combo are too similar it's confusing, they need to merge and become Torture Puppet Star Video Combo.


RIP Gilbert Gottfried.


I'm trying to decide if I like Jurassic World Evolution 2. It's not exactly the Dinopark Tycoon successor I was hoping for, so far it feels like it's trying to do a little bit of everything.


Nine Sols is pretty good.


I imagine when you have a dream about going to a tropical resort it's your brain trying to tell you something.


I'm trying to wrap my brain around this: not all Panic at the Disco songs sound like "Bittersweet"?


Hello Games needs to come up with a better ending for No Man's Sky because right now it's really unsatisfying.


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