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The two reasons The NGP is Killing itself.

I know the NGP isn`t out yet,but I can already predict that the NGP is killing itself. The first reason is that this new handheald is aiming for higher specs right? Not only has the or original PSP failed at this it compleatly ruind itself with it, if the NGP wants to be a Billion dollar seller it needs to pump out the games insted of the graphics. Another thing, the 3DS kinda has atleat 1/2 the power of the NGP; even this does not mater though, because 1/2 power of the PS3 and 1/1the PS3 looks exactly the same on a small screen. This makes going for a graphical boost pointless...,but lets say the graphics on the NGP do manige to beat the 3DS...what would HD do beat 3D? I mean 3D makes everything pop out and in to the screen with beter lighting,shading,etc. Nomater what Sony does with graphics on a handheald, unless Sony ads somthing Nntendo didn`t there dead.

The second reason that the NGP is killing itself is the amount of stuff that Sony isn`t going to use on the NGP. Shure Nintendo can use each and everyone of those gismose on the NGP,but the only reason this is possible is because Nintendo is very creative and smart company. Even if Sony uses that touchpad on the back or gro controls in there games Nintendo would have allready used those in there games since the 3DS is out and the NGP still hasn`t come out yet. Bye for now, those where my thoughts.
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