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Making a Videogame website

Hey guys I would like to get your opinion on a very important matter. I have decided to make a Video Game website and I need your help for ideas. I have come up with a name for the website and stuff but I want your opinion as I have previously said. I am going to name the website Game Dragonz, I think its a great name, but my Dad thinks some gamers might think its offenceive; please tell me if you like it or if you want the name to be changed. I also thought I would call the group vlog Dragonz Den, the podcast Flamethrower, I would rispond to your comments in Into the Inferno, and whn when only one persone is doing a vlog I would call it Fire Proof.
I was thinking about the comunity and I figured I would let you guys do everything that you can do on Gamespot and Destructoid for free. I was also thinking of having a paid subscription of $10 every month, if you paid the subcription fee you would be able to make video blogs, video reviews, and the abillity to trade videogames with other people. If you think I should add anything to the paid subscription or the free subscription comment below. Actualy if you have any questions or ideas comment below
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