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About Mondayone of us since 8:53 PM on 11.01.2009

I'm a hipster twentysomething gamer who, despite finance and circumstance, has managed to keep fairly up-to-date on the gaming industry most of my life. I was a pretty active child and spent most of my time outdoors, but when I could get my hands on video games they had to pry them out of my grasp by biting my fingers. Only my brother did that. The first game I can remember playing was Galaga on my father's Amiga. I was pretty terrible at it, and most other games' concepts were way too much for me. I would spend hours collecting rupees in Link's Awakening, because I thought that was the purpose of the game. Whoop! What an [email protected]!
It's hard to pinpoint a FAVORITE GAME, since everything changes so quickly these days, and the classics become tarnished as time wears on them. I could go off of playtime, and the hours spent with Ocarina of Time far outweigh any other game I have ever played. Did you guys know that you can beat Mass Effect 2 in five hours? It's pretty easy. SPOILERS: everyone dies if you play that way.
My friend and I tried to play through every Final Fantasy in a year, which is something I don't recommend unless you want to nearly ruin that franchise for yourself. We beat over half of them together, but that kind of task really wears on a schedule, especially if you're trying to graduate. Twelve remains my favorite.
I've got a degree in graphic design and film; minor in art. I use these to sound like an asshole who knows more than you about aesthetic and movies. Call me out on it. Nobody wants to be that guy, guys. Shrug!
See you around.