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At the final stretch of xeno 3 and I feel like I'm less enthusiastic about it then a lot of others. You guys think I'll need the game card to play the expansion or can I get some quick trade in cred after I hit credits?


Bravely Default's gacha is shutting down after a little over a year of service. Square says they want to convert it into an offline game, but scrubbing the bad gacha design out of a game is harder than just turning the mtx off so we'll see?


Chainsaw Man ends today. If you were waiting to binge it's time, and if you're caught up Here's a very helpful tip I found on Twitter.


I was intrigued by this, especially having the wizardry name which I think carries some historical weight, though it's labeled as a mobile game so I guess shouldn't expect much.


The final one with a game I'm pretty sure a few people were looking forward to getting released today (NOT Silksong). Also an indie sale is going live.


One of my favorite YouTubers doing a big ole video on a company that I deeply care about, for better or worse. Fun times!


Valkyrie profile came out on PSN(no other platform) comes with save states and fast forward, etc. Can also buy Elysium for $45 and get profile as well.


The last Stranger of Paradise DLC gives Jack a gun.


Looks like Nintendo is splitting up an indie direct and putting it out each weekday. Here's the first. Roman Sands looks cool.


Finally, a release date. I'll probably still be playing FF16, though. There's a new story trailer as well.


I tried a Isekai/MMO type manga that came well recommended but dang I just don't get the appeal and the 'gimmick' or 'twist' seemed pointless. Back to Getter Robo I GO.


Sandland trailer! I'm guessing a short anime is the first part, but seems they want a multimedia thing out of it. I think you could do more adventures here so why not.


I'm console only but Astilibra on Steam garnered a big cult following this year. One dev made it over the course of 15 years and seems to boast both story and gameplay as high points. Edit: literally just announced a Switch port and expansion for 2023!!


We got some screenshots of Ys X. You can crash the boat yourself now.


Didn't expect Grandia but that first game is longer than I expected. My playstation was Elden Ring, Utawarerumono, NG Spirit Hunter, and RESONANCE OF FATE. What is wrong with me.


There's a mega popular streamer whose bemoaning the stagnation of the industry and how there's nothing new to play, but what they mean is that they put themself in a box where they can only play the hottest Battle Royale or they'll go bankrupt.


Just remembered Vampire Survivors is completely free on phones. I guess their plan is to do expansions now.


Reminder that if you use Nichegamer for news they're a weirdo who continues to plagiarize their articles from better sources like Gematsu and probably Destructoid.


My big request with FF16 is that I get to see any amount of 'I'm walking casually in some environments' and we got a couple seconds of it. Oh and characters with you in battle. Maybe the most exciting trailer since reveal for me.


Blue protocol is going to have a sizable portion of people think it's a gacha game for it's entire lifetime.


Weird way to kick off The Game Awards but I'm into it.


Namco Bandai is doing some sort of adaptation of Akira Toriyama's Sandland. A 1 volume manga he did 20 years ago. There's speculation if it's a game because of where it was uploaded, but who knows. Good excuse to read it. (It's on Shonen jump's app)


Found out the Gunbuster pose is really a reference to a Getter Robo G pose and feel like I have ascended to a higher level of Mecha knowledge.


Chained echoes out everywhere tomorrow including Gamepass. here's a detailed review of this indie game I spired by 90's jrpgs. (score: 9.5)


Downloading Fortnite so I can see all those fancy UE5 features they just implemented. Then probably delete after two matches.


I usually didnt get why people compared Saga to crpgs but with minstrel song you can invest in classes/skills that let you jump,sneak, disarm traps etc. Along with an emphasis on finding side quests that provide the big rewards on completing.


Chained echoes I kick-started and it looks great so far, check it out. Eastward is up now, meant to check it out.


It's Saga Minstrel Song day help me pick whose campaign to play off of coolness factor.


Don't personally use Spotify but if I did this band would probably be top of the list this year. Saw them live on my birthday too!


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