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All these years of not playing Alan wake paid off. Oh and cod.


I want to play shining force, there's that genesis collection on switch I believe includes it, but I don't think it goes on discount anymore since it's also part of Nintendo's Subscription thing. Which I'd rather not do either.


Waiting for my co-host page to go live, I have to post this. Like the map note here suggests the final dungeon of Phantasy Star IV is absolutely NAUSEATING. Flashing patterns and lights all over. I turned it off after a minute. Dark Force has won.


I gave a good attempt to add people on co-host I am medicamecanica same as here. I will probably continue to mostly post about a mix of mostly new and old (j)RPGs. (Almost done with phantasy star!)


My conspiracy theory/wish is that Dragon Quest 3 remake is taking so long because when you hit credits you unlock 1 and 2


Had the thought to download my android version of Dragon Quest IV to my Retroid, but alas, no controller support at all. The mobile ports are the most definitive editions but you HAVE to use touch controls.


XVI releasing has destroyed the very foundations of jrpgs. (For some people)


I'm on chapter 2 of Book walker and it's a real fun concept that's delivering so far. (You're going into fiction and stealing macguffins basically) That said, the console experience is bad! Bad controls, weird pauses, and hard to see important objects.


Played some inscryption today. Had a good few hours and cleared the first play route no problem. Unlocked some secrets and am supposed to do it again. Unfortunately had some bad runs after that. Not sure if I should hang it up here.


That was a mostly boring direct for me, but Star Ocean 2 was there to save it. Update: ps4/5 and steam versions confirmed.


Playing Phantasy Star 3 and I'm at the diverging point. This game takes place over multiple generations and what wife you take affects the protagonist, party members, and a good chunk of the adventure. (This released before Dragon Quest V)


Sony must have snuck this in their blog last second, but a Jp only action RPG that has ties to the ps3 game Folklore is being possibly being released via the classics catalog today. Presumably in English. It's on their blog now but I guess we'll see.


Phantasy star 2 dungeons on another level. Edit: following the map it only really took an hour or so to mainline. Hooray!


The live action One Piece trailer came out and life will never be the same again.


If anyone knows how to block all blue checkmarks off of my twitter feed I'd love to know.


Got that save transfer from the FF16 demo. Kinda liked getting the prologue out of the way. Took me a few days to find enough time. Only problem is I might not be getting the game right away!


My cat jumped out of my arms and my sciatica went again. Ten minutes crawls just to get to the bathroom. Waiting on a prescription and I should feel better. Doctor put me down for physical therapy in a few weeks when my condition recovers.


This logo appeared on a Square Enix support site today. Interestingly this isn't quite the subtitle of any previous version so it might be more than localizing the current JP only ps4 port.


Haven't played armored core before but this looks real fun!


Xbox extended event: avowed interview was cool, new modes and extras added to hi Fi rush, and ten indies coming to gamepass including Sea of Stars, Book Walker, and Neon White.


That Ubisoft conference was alright. More Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed without the rpg, and Star Wars Gameplay was impressive. Feels like an old e3 conference too which is kinda fun kinda cringe lol


So like that overwatch trailer showed off cinematics and implied A big Single player adventure but that's exactly what they cancelled, right? lol


My bet is that Metaphor Re Fantasy is inspired by stuff like Dunbine, the Mecha/fantasy that was the first recognized Isekai anime. You even get a Tinkerbell-like companion! Anyway they said there's a Metaphor Livestream next week. Maybe new details.


Next gen fantasy Persona is more exciting than Persona 6 for me. That, the Capcom game, the climb game, and PILLARS OF ETERNITY THREEE. I had a good time. :)


My Xbox conference bingo card is one big square that says 'Persona 3 remake day 1 gamepass.'


One of those days off where you put on multiple different games and go 'nope, not feeling it today.'


The other day I spent all my currency to get the new honkai girl and didn't even on a pity roll which sent me to the depths of despair. Today I played enough to get another chance and actually got three characters including her.


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