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Still haven’t bought Super Mario 3D All Stars. I live life on the edge


#Womantoid Toby Masuyo from Baraduke. Fun Fact: She married and later divorced Taizo Hori (The main character from Dig Dug) of which they have 3 children together, one of them being Mr. Driller.


This is my entire Switch collection. Everything else I have is digital.


I love the Road Rash series with Road Rash 64 being my favourite. EA seems to have no desire to make another one anytime soon. Road Redemption is the next best thing. I really hope they make a Road Redemption 2. #indietoid


I think I’d rather have a new game but if this does well enough to get people interested in Twisted Metal again then so be it.


Capcom Arcade Stadium gets released today. For me that was the only highlight of the entire direct.


This game was announced in 2017.Development restarted in 2019....................................................gets released 2021?!?!?


I was up at 4:30 am today and ended up playing Bowsers Fury for 3 hours. It’s Family Day here in Canada, which is a statutory holiday. So maybe I can convince the wife and kids to play 3D World with me later today.


I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying Nightmare Creatures 2. Controls well, rewards exploration, gets right to the point with the story, good atmosphere. Very impressed.


I don’t know how familiar you are with the Nightmare Creatures franchise but I personally think the sequel is a much better experience than the first one. I’m playing the Dreamcast version.


It’s reasons like this I can’t imagine ever getting a Stadia.


Just Dance is actually pretty fun. My wife and kids like it.


It’s the year 2021 and you can still buy Dreamcast VMUs complete in box. How many of these did they make?


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