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Every second you’re not running is a second Garfield catches up


I look forward to seeing some of the wacky names you guys come up with


Men Without Hats cover of Rolling Stones “2000 Light Years From Home” (2021)


RIP Norm MacDonald and here’s an Instagram post about Norm by, you guessed it Frank Stallone


At first I was excited for the Quake 64 add on. Until I played it and didn’t quite get the same treatment as the original Quake did. If you want that “someone spread Vaseline on your screen” aesthetic, Quake 64 on Switch is the way to go


Got the “new” Zelda game despite not actually liking it back when it first came out. Also, got the preorder bonus even though I didn’t preorder. They had some left over.


I’m sure the “new” Switch will sell just fine.


When I get a PS5. This will be the first game I play on it.


I have never heard of BTS until today when I got my kids McDonald’s. My kids have since explained them to me. The BTS Meal? What?!?


How do you tell what gender an ant is? Put it in water. If it sinks, it's a girl ant, if it floats it's buoyant.


Wow! I’m so powerfully shit at R Type Final 2. Can’t get past level 3 on Kid Mode.


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