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Metroid dread- review



First of I will start with the story as I will not be saying much on this topic due to spoilers but from what I will say, The story starts of with a direct continuation from the previous metroid game (metroid fusion) and give a little what happened previosuly cutscene, which was very helpful for a player like myself who had not played the previous installment or had forgotten the story due to the huge gap of nearly 20 years since the release of metroid fusion. The story starts off with Samus being sent to ZDR to explore and investigate to track down and find out what has happened to the E.M.M.I research bots, but when Samus gets there she is greeted with a Chozo warrior who then defeats her in battle which he then strips her of all current ablites. With the start of the game beginning like this I thought it was a little cliche and had been repeated many a time but with Metroid it feels like it was the right thing to do, because since it had been such a distance between a new metroid game in the series it would give new players recognistion with all of Samus' classic ablilites but would also leave players familiar with the series in deja vu.


The gameplay is such a classic and familiar feel straight off the bat, the devlopers at Mercurysteam have done a great job with keeping the gameplay at the Metroid core but also modernising it too with new mechanics, new ablities and great fluidity all the way through. There was at no point with the gameplay where i thought they had done anything wrong due to there being 0 bugs or any game breaking glitches (that I had encountered). With the boss battles they were at times very challenging as they would keep you on your toes and make you work for the finish, but when you do finally defeat them you will feel very rewarded and deserved of the progress you will make. The weapon upgrades do some thick and fast with earning a new one nearly every 30 minuets (depending on how fast you go through the game), but they always add a new element and help with progression further helping you on your end game objective.

Setting and atmosphere

I will start off with the setting first as I feel like it is another character of the game that plays a huge role in the game. The team at Mercurysteam have done an amazing job on this too making every part of the map has been kept fresh with every new zone you enter. There is also a lot of backtracking here so you will learn the map over time gradually but sometimes you may get lost and frustrated on where to go next as there is not a lot of direction or help, so you may have to do some searching up on Google to help further progress your story. The atmosphere is great here too with the music really making you feel the tension added onto a boss fight when low on health and really needing to make those dodges count. When coming up against your first E.M.M.I encounter you will feel a little shudder as you are left helpless with none of your attacks inflicting any damage onto them so you are resorted to running for your life trying to get to the next safe zone. The music does another great job making the games atmosphere very horror esque and make it very action pact at times.


So in conclusion I feel as if this is a great way to introduce new and old gamers back to the  Metroid name hopefully meaning they will do another sequel to this and even finally showing some love and time to bringing out Metroid prime 4. This will be a great buy for the switch and will have you playing for hours with it also having great replayable aspects. I personallly would give this game an 8.5/10, it is a high class game where there could've been a few minor tweaks with a few things being explained properly in totourials and then the game being a little longer but for the price you get your moneys worth,but you can really feel that they put so much time and care into making this game as perfect as they could.

Thank you for reading my first ever review, I will be making more over time and more consistantly but also hoping to make a few Youtube videos too.

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