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Shameless self-promotion


So, I've been reading DTOID for quite some time. I vaguely remember the the time Burch was around and Sterling came in. I miss Willem Dafoe jokes. So, do you listen to rock? Do you know what post-rock is?

It's most broadly understood as a "genre" of rock music that doesn't feature vocals. Of course, some bands do but not that many (most notably Sigur Ros). Other features include that don't follow a typical verse-chorus-verse structure and utilize other methods of flow, progression and building tension. Some may include long song structure, complex metres, the use of dynamics and tension (i.e. crescendos). Sometimes a post-rock band doesn't need to prominently feature guitars (GY!BE).

The most known post-rock bands are: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Caspian, If These Trees Could Talk (apparently known to fans of Uncharted), Sleepmakeswaves, God is an Astronaut, Russian Circles.

I've been playing in a post rock band for couple of years now.We're called Mind's Edge and we've released our first album called "Theta" in 2012. Some people liked it, not many have heard it. We're in the midst of recording our second album right now.

A single is about to hit really soonish. Feel free to give it a spin. This first record is heavily inspired by progressive metal (TOOL, Riverside) and some alternative metal (Deftones).

It's available at https://mindsedge.bandcamp.com/ Feel free to toss us a buck. Every bit would help in recording the second album.

Here's one of our recent live performances.

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I play in a post-rock band. Check it out. Second album out OCT 15 2016! https://mindsedge.bandcamp.com